The Fine Print.

I write fine print for a living.  Seriously.  You know those terms and conditions you accept without reading, someone carefully and painstakingly wrote those and spent hours laboring over each and every word. 


All images and text on these pages, unless otherwise noted:
(c) Copyright 2004-2014 Elizabeth Wilson.  All rights reserved.

Do not copy text or steal images without permission.  Seriously.  Don't do it.


I love links, so please feel free to link to my blog or a particular post.  I'd appreciate you letting me know (via email or comment) so I can come check your blog out!  But please don't copy any text or images without first obtaining my permission.

Product Endorsements

From time to time I may wax on (and on) about products that I like.  Unless otherwise noted in the post, these are not paid endorsements.  I just like to find cool things and sometimes I blog about them.

Will I review a product?  Maybe.  It depends.  If I like it, and it make sense within the context of this blog, then maybe.  Send me an email and we can discuss. 

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