Thursday, May 15, 2014

3 Months

Dear Olive,


Today you are 3 months old.  And you are a peanut.  At your 2 month appointment, where you received your first round of shots and took it like a champ, we learned that you were still pretty little, 9 pounds and 9 ounces.  You were gaining weight, but not as fast as they would like to see.  I would like to say that this caught me by surprise, but it didn't.  Since you were about a month old, and maybe even before, you've been fighting the bottle.  You rarely act hungry and you swat the bottle away.  You rarely eat more than a couple of ounces.  After that appointment, I started tracking everything you ate in a detailed spreadsheet.  Give me a date, and I can tell you when you had a bottle and how much you ate.  The experts suggest that 20 ounces of formula a day is a bare minimum.  In the month that we've been tracking, you have only hit 20 ounces one day and instead average somewhere around 17.5 if we are lucky.

We tried different bottles - fancy anti-colic bottles to simple bottles, and you had no preference.  We tried nipples of every shape, size, and flow rate, and it made no difference.  We tried different temperatures of formula, and you had no discernible preference.  We tried waking you up in the night to eat, and you did not like that at all.  Neither did we.  We tried homeopathic gas drops, burping more often, burping less often, feeding you while you slept, feeding you outside, feeding you more often and less often, feeding you while you sat up, feeding you while we walked around the house.  In short, it feels like we've tried everything.  And I'm coming to the conclusion that, maybe, you just don't want to eat anymore.  I've been a slow learner on this point.


You aren't quite sleeping through the night, but we need to try to give you that extra bottle anyway, even though you don't usually eat much because you'd rather just get cozy and go back to sleep.  This past week we started transitioning you to your crib.  You've been pretty happy sleeping in the rock 'n play sleeper and the swing, but we have to transition eventually and your sleep hit a brief regression last week anyway.  You are doing pretty well with the transition.  You start the night off in the crib and will sleep about 5 hours without a peep.  We're going to keep working to get you used to it.

We will go in next week to see how much weight you've gained.  Perhaps you are just going to be petite and you don't have a huge appetite?  Maybe, but I want to make sure there isn't something else we can do to make you eat more.

You are holding your head up really well.  It's still a little wobbly and you get tired, but it's strong.  A couple of weeks ago you started rolling over from your tummy to your back.  And from your back, you can almost get all the way over.  It won't be long before you are doing that consistently too.  You are as happy as you can be and smile at the slightest funny sound or face.  All of this suggests that your weird eating habits are just an anomaly, because you are clearly growing strong.   You found your hands a few weeks ago and often wring them together or stuff them in your face.

Other firsts this month: first Easter, first Mother's Day and trip to the zoo.

Olive 04

Your big sister is still very curious about you, but mostly doesn't have time because she is so busy being 3.  She likes to help with your bath and always asks where you are if you aren't with us.  And I'm enjoying pulling all of our adorable clothes out and dressing you up.

It had to be done.  A recreation of the time I made Scout wear a flower bigger than her head.  A tradition like no other.   I may have to re-shoot in a couple of weeks, but the resemblance, is... non-existent.

It is a tradition, apparently, to sit with a very large flower on your bed in a yellow chair in a fluffy dress.  You and your sister are almost the exact same age in this picture.

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