Saturday, April 19, 2014


Dear Scout,

Today you are three years old.  And just like two months flew by with Olive, three years have passed in the blink of an eye.  And at three you are becoming a big girl.  You talk a mile a minute, tell knock-knock jokes, and just have lots of great ideas.

Birthday Girl 12
It was a good birthday, but by the end you were a mess.
We are still working on the potty training, and you may be the most stubborn child that has ever lived.  But we are trying.  I think one day you will just decide that you are done with diapers and that will be it.  I hope.  Soon the Paci Fairy will be coming too.

Scout Running

I asked you these questions the other night...

Scout at Three

  1. Favorite Color: Pink and Purple 
  2. Favorite Toy: My baby (knit doll that you take to bed every night) 
  3. Favorite Fruit: Banana 
  4. Favorite Thing to Watch: Daniel Tiger (in reality, you have been watching a lot of Barney and Caillou) 
  5. Favorite Thing to Eat for Lunch: Cheese Roll-up (melted cheese rolled up in a tortilla) 
  6. Favorite Thing to Wear: Pink Star Wars t-shirt 
  7. Favorite Game: Babies and blankets (it’s basically play acting nap time at day care with lots and lots of dolls; you've been playing this for 2 years) 
  8. Favorite Snack: Granola Bar (I thought you would say marshmallows) 
  9. Favorite Animal: Dog 
  10. Favorite Song: Twinkle, Twinkle 
  11. Favorite Book: Barbie Loves Weddings 
  12. Best Friend: Penny and Abby (at day care) 
  13. Favorite Thing to Do Outside: Play with pink car 
  14. What Do You Take To Bed At Night: baby, blankie, and teddy (and paci) 
  15. Favorite Drink: Milk and apple juice and water 
  16. Favorite Thing to Eat for Breakfast: Pancakes (also eggs with ketchup) 
  17. What Do You Want for Dinner for Your Birthday: cake 
  18. What Do You Want to Be When You Grow Up: Firefighter (you are currently talking about firefighters at day care)

You crack us up with the things you say, and you have a lot of things to say.  You love to play pretend: restaurant, grocery store, kitchen, babies.  You love to be outside, but the weather hasn't been very nice this spring.


For weeks and weeks before your birthday, you told me you wanted a princess cake.  But a week before your birthday you went to the grocery store with Emily and saw an Easter Bunny cake, and so you started saying that you wanted a pink bunny cake.  So a pink bunny cake you received.  But in the end, you didn't eat any cake.

Cake 05

You are a great big sister.  If Olive fusses, you rush to give her her paci.  But most of the time you are way too busy to play her baby games.

So Happy Birthday Miss Scout!  You make our days pretty fantastic and fun.

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