Tuesday, April 15, 2014

2 months

Dear Olive,

Olive - 2 months - 06

Today you are two months old.  Is that even possible?  You are still just a peanut.  You weigh 9 pounds 9 ounces.  You don't love to drink your bottles so we are working hard to make sure you keep growing.  But other than fighting the bottles, you are the sweetest and happiest baby.  You smile all the time and show us your big dimples.  You've started cooing and "talking," and you are just generally very content.  Your eyes seem to be turning brown, I think, like your daddy's.  You still don't have much hair.  You are holding your head up more and more each day as you get stronger and stronger.

Big dark eyes. #lastone

You aren't sleeping through the night.  But you will get there soon.  Some nights you are up multiple times and some nights you are up just once.  We've introduced you to the magic of the swing which was the only way your big sister ever slept when she was your age.  We have worked out a pretty good schedule.  You take a nice long nap in the morning after breakfast and usually another in the late afternoon.  You are a napping rockstar.  The nights, well, we are working on them.

I went out for a few minutes and she got bigger.  I swear. Photo credit: @rykerttoledano

Two months marks the end of my maternity leave, and I'll be going back to work next week.  I'm very sad about leaving you, but know that I'll be leaving you in capable hands with your dad and the ladies at day care.  We will adjust to a new schedule.  As much as I'd love to stay at home with you all day, I need to be at work too.  We will figure it out, and big sister can show you the ropes at day care where she has learned so much.

Matching dresses and scary hugs.

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Anonymous said...

So glad you started blogging again! I love your stories and the photos of these beautiful girls!!

Jan Darling - Grand Rapids, MI

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