Thursday, July 18, 2013

Where y'at?

I didn't mean to go radio silent, but things, they happen.  One reason for the silence is that we are without internet service at home.  After briefly discussing the insanity of our cable bill, someone in our household took it upon himself to disconnect the cable boxes and modem and return them to the cable company along with a request to disconnect.  And before I knew it was happening, it was done.  We've lived without cable before, quite easily, actually.  But the internet?  Try as I did, I could not crack the neighbor's WiFi password so I had to get by with checking my important social media during my lunch break and on my phone.  We're in the process of getting a new provider set up, but I'm already disappointed in their awful customer service. And in the end, it's probably not even much that of a cost savings.  Hopefully, next week (at the latest) we will have internet service again.  End rant of the most trivial of first world problems.

What's been going on?
  • We had a fun 4th of July, and Scout (and baby doll) donned their patriotic frocks.  I love sewing this pattern, so expect to see even more incarnations.
Scout July 4 01

Matching Dresses
  • There were sparklers.
  • And a fairly profitable lemonade stand.
Lemonade Stand 02
  • We've come to the realization that our daughter does not like ice cream.  It's heart breaking really, because who doesn't love a family trip to Dairy Queen?  She really likes the idea of going to get ice cream, but once there she makes a disgusted face as the taste.  We've tried different flavors and toppings, and I think it's likely that it's the coldness that bothers her, but still...  I did manage to get the first bite captured the other day.
  • It started a little late, but sweet corn season is here.  My sister and I had to drive down a random gravel country road to find the first of the season.
  • Scout is obsessed with the ABCs.  She's been singing the song for a year now, but she's now started recognizing letters (just a few) and in particular "S".  When she sees one, in a book, on a sign, on her letter puzzle, she'll point it out and say, "'S.' For me."  She also knows "R" (for Rykert), "L" (for Libby), and "N" (For Nola) plus a few others.  It's definitely a work in progress and is sometimes hit and miss, but we draw all.the.time.  Now she scribbles and pretends she is writing letters.  The other day she scribbled away and then had a happy accident with something that resembled an "S.
  • Whenever Scout "cooks" in her kitchen, she prepares 4 of everything and makes sure Nola gets her share.

Otherwise, it's summertime and the weather is hot.  My garden is drying up and filled with weeds.

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