Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Best Laid Plans

Last weekend we had plans.  I have been wanting to go see my college roommate.  She moved a few hours away a year or two ago, but our crazy weekend schedules just haven't allowed us to visit.  But finally, it seemed like the stars had aligned.  Rykert had the opportunity to ski at a tournament in the same town where she lived, so we planned to drive down on Friday after work and stay through the weekend and let our blonde haired, blue eyed girls get to know each other.  I was really excited.

So fast forward to Friday afternoon at about 1:55.  I was still at work preparing for a conference call at 2 and Rykert was home packing the impressive amount of crap that needed to come along for the ride.  My phone rings and it's day care.  Scout had refused to nap, was crying, and had just projectile vomited all over a poor unsuspecting teacher.  Usually they wait until they puke twice before calling, but, "uh, this was, uh, pretty bad, so maybe you want to come and get her," they said.  "Oh, and it looks like she might have pink eye."  Shit.  Truth: I had suspected the pink eye in the morning but it was truly borderline, barely pink, and barely any gunk.

Needless to say we reluctantly cancelled our trip and rushed to the doctor before closing time to get the pink eye drops.  As disappointing as it was, I was certain that I'd be even sadder if I brought a stomach bug and pink eye to my friend's 3 little girls.  Particularly since her husband is out of the country for the summer and she is parenting solo for a bit.

Saturday wasn't much fun.  Scout didn't feel well and she did one of the only things a toddler knows how to do when she doesn't feel well, which is to say she acted like a complete pill.  Poor thing. But by Sunday we were able to save a bit of our weekend by going out for breakfast (sitting outside on the patio where the rules of restaurant decorum are a little relaxed), taking long naps (actually I attempted to reclaim part of our garden during naptime), and then hitting the pool.

Speaking of the pool.  This summer had a very slow start, but the weather has finally been warmer and we've managed a few trips to the pool.  And this child loves it.  I think that watching her cousins swim at swim meets is rubbing off on her.  She fearlessly puts her face in and kicks and talks about "swimmin' real fast" and joining the swim team.  Outside of the pool she moves her arms in a windmill as if swimming a modified freestyle.

She's learning the ropes.
My brother-in-law is a swim coach, so I've been asking if he has an age group for the "near drowners." I'm pretty sure she has the perfect competition fast suit.  See?

First post-work pool outing. Finally

We discovered that if we are really efficient in the evenings we can make a quick trip to the pool between dinner and bedtime.  It's actually pretty great since the sun is less lethal and the pool is a lot less crowded.  The pool that is closest to us (when our bridge isn't under construction, grrr) has water slides for every age and an integrated splash pad.  The pool on the other side of us has an indoor/outdoor pool in one.  We learned our lesson on that one because she wanted to be inside where the air was stagnant and the water a bit warmer.

We haven't done swim lessons yet, but mostly because I think toddler swim lessons are kind of a joke.  It's really just about getting kids used to the water at this age and making sure you don't create fear.  But I think we might sign up for the July session to see how they go.  They are really inexpensive through our local rec center and it would at least motivate me to take her to the pool 2 evenings a week.

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