Monday, June 03, 2013

Rattle Rattle

On Wednesday, I drove my normal route to work and back.  This route includes a few miles on a very busy stretch of the interstate.  Mid-day I drove on the same interstate to a doctor's appointment and back.  I noticed that my car was making a weird rattling noise, but pretty much dismissed it thinking it was probably the roller skates in the back.

Well, it turns out I was taking something for a drive...

I've been driving around with a glass on top of my car

I think I'm the only person who finds this amazing.

Tuesday night we were playing in the driveway (among the bugs) and Rykert set his water glass on top of my car and forgot about it.  I didn't see it, and so it rode around on my car for 24 hours and never moved.  And it didn't break.

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