Monday, May 13, 2013

My Roller Derby Name.

Last Friday as I was going in to work I saw a poster for the local Roller Derby team.  On Saturday night they had a scheduled bout and would also be having a craft fair: Skate or DIY.  I sent my sister a text to see if they were interested, and honestly at that point I was only half serious.  But the wheels were set in motion and within a few hours the tickets had been purchased.  It was my first roller derby experience, and I was a little worried that everyone would find it boring or it would be miserable with a two year old.


I know you are all thinking, "You took a toddler to the roller derby?"  Yes.  Yes we did.  Why wouldn't we?  And she wasn't the youngest person there.  There were babies in utero, infants, other toddlers, and grade schoolers in skates.

Derby Girls 02

I am happy to report that everyone enjoyed themselves.  My 12 year old nieces loved it.  It was a far better way to pass a Saturday night than staring at bad tv.  And there was plenty of open space, away from the action, for Scout to wander, run, jump, and act silly.  For $1, you could even get your very own "black" eye, which looked surprisingly realistic.

you should see the other girl 01
You should see the other girl.
We still don't understand all the rules or the intricacies of the sport.  Admittedly, we were a little lost.  But we learned some of the basics, enough to follow along, and enjoyed watching all the same.  We particularly enjoyed all the alter ego Roller Derby Girl names (like "June Cleavage").

The 12 year olds left wanting a pair of skates.  And frankly, so did I.  I loved roller skating as a kid. We even had a roller skating unit in PE. I shipped my roller blades back and forth to college, and still have a pair of inline skates that need to be unearthed in the garage.    But a pair of old school quad skates are calling my name.  Maybe Definitely with pompoms and maybe some wings.

I'm pretty sure I don't have what it takes to be a Roller Derby Girl, but I'll support them by buying a ticket again.  And we've been thinking about our Roller Derby Team Halloween costume.  Mostly we are thinking about fantastic outfits and names.  My nieces gave me a name to consider: "ElizaDEATH."

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