Tuesday, May 21, 2013


We've been spending almost all of our waking time at home outside.  Warm weather has set in, and Scout seems to have inherited her dad's high heat tolerance.

Our garden is nearly planted, but our yard is a mess of dandelions and other weeds.  We're debating whether this is the year that we will break down and spray.  I don't want to use chemicals because Scout rolls in the grass and Nola uses the yard as her personal salad bar.  My general philosophy is that if it's green, then it can stay.  This is why there's a lot of clover (which also attracts the deer in our backyard.)

Anyway, last night, I found this... A five leaf clover.


We analyzed it carefully to see whether one leaf had split, and confirmed that it does, in fact, have 5 leaves.   I'm pretty sure it means I'm either super lucky or that I just spent all my luck in finding this and another 4 leaf clover.

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Aleta said...

Sweet! I love finding clovers like that :) We have dollar weeds jumping out of any nook and cranny around here.

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