Friday, May 31, 2013

Little Birds

A couple of weeks ago, Nola was sniffing around and going crazy under a small evergreen tree next to our front porch.  When I went to investigate, I found the most perfect robin's nest and 3 bright blue eggs.

Mama Robin's Eggs

The tree is right by our front door, so I kept watch and captured the action.

A few days later Scout and I came home after a couple of days away and two baby birds had appeared.

Baby Robins Day 1

By Day 2, they were hungry...

Baby Robins Day 2

We tried not to peek too much, because it made Mama Robin very nervous.  She would sit in the tree overhead and watch us carefully.  Nola was now on limited front yard access.  Scout loved to check on the baby birds a couple of times a day and would leave the Mama bread crumbs and crackers.  We had some nasty storms and I worried about them, but Mama Robin clearly knew what she was doing.

Not unlike human babies, they slept all.the.time.

Baby Robins Day 5
Day 5

Pretty soon they started to look less alien, and more like tiny birds with feather.

Baby Robins Day 9
Day 9

Baby Robins Day 10
Day 10
On Day 11 (or maybe 12, I lost count), much to my chagrin, Rykert texted me to let me know that they had left the nest.  When Scout went to check on them in the morning one was already gone, and right before their eyes, the second hopped out of the nest and across the yard.

By the time I got home from work, one was still sitting next to the house.

Baby bird

Mama Robin was still in the tree nearby squawking at us, so I assume she was still feeding her littles.  I debated what we should do, but after scouring the interwebs, I decided that it was best to leave it be as much as possible.  We made sure the lil' birdie was in a safe place away from the neighbor's lawn mower and our lovely dog, who has a natural appetite for birds.  We haven't seen them since.

All that was left was a nearly empty nest.

Empty Nest

Do you see how clean the nest is?  It turns out that the robin parents collect and remove any waste from their little ones.  Sadly, the third egg never hatched.  So my niece took it home.

I learned that a robin can have up to 12 eggs in a given nesting season in multiple clutches, but she's very lucky if even 5 survive to flight.

Scout asked again this morning to see the baby birds.   I'm hoping that we'll see another clutch of eggs in this nest.  The nest is a pretty amazing feat of engineering and it has weathered some pretty significant storms over the past couple of weeks.  But the interwebs tell me that it's unlikely for a bird to reuse a nest (other than large birds like eagles.)

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Aleta said...

Cool that they clean the nest and aww about the one blue egg left. What did your niece do with the egg?

LOVE all the pictures. Amazing how quickly they change and grow and move on! Excellent shots!

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