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I wrote the bulk of this post in advance, but then got wrapped up in birthday festivities and forgot to set it to post.  I'm back dating for posterity.

Dear Scout,

I know I say this a lot, but I can't believe that two years has flown by in this flurry of firsts.  About two years ago, when I was laying on your bedroom floor trying to get some a little sleep while you swayed  back and forth in your swing, I honestly couldn't imagine this two year old version of Scout.  But at pretty much every stage, except for a super clingy phase a few months ago, I've said, "This is my favorite age."  And it appears that the twos are no different.

I'm Two
You can hold up two fingers, but I failed to capture it accurately on "film."
You want to be autonomous ("Do it, myyyy-self").  You talk, a lot, and are learning even more words at a seemingly exponential rate.  You are stubborn and assertive.  And while these traits frustrate me sometimes, I can't be surprised because you come by them honestly.  And frankly, bossiness, stick-to-it-ness, and independence are all important traits for becoming a successful woman.   You seem to have multiple personalities sometimes.

Scout 08

So what are you up to:
  • You set your table with milk, a fork, a spoon, AND a knife before each meal.
  • You are a picky eater (again, it might be genetic), but your favorites are maca-RONI, quesadillas, cereal, applesauce, yogurt, bananas, and a few other items.  Getting you to eat meals is a crapshoot, and a battle I'm choosing not to wage.
  • At mealtime I will give you your bowl or plate and say, "Scout it's a little hot."  To this you defiantly say, "Mom, it's OOOOOKKKKKK."  If I repeat that it's a little hot, you continue to argue with me that it is, in fact, "OOOOOOKKKKK."  Every.single.night.
  • When I come home from work, you tell me from memory about your day.  The names of your friends at day care and what you played with.  The errands you and daddy ran and what you bought.  What you had for lunch.
  • If at all possible, you want to be outside.  Writing on the sidewalk, walking Nola, or digging in the garden.  When you using the sidewalk chalk (or your crayons inside), you pick one up and ask, "I draw a puppy or a circle?"  If I say, "circle," then you say, "No a puppy."  You then get to work scribbling.  Unfortunately, Spring seems to be making a few false starts, but it will be warm soon.
  • Inside you like to cook in your kitchen, stand at the counter and "help" me cook, play with your babies, color, and read books.  Other toys will capture your attention for brief periods, but it almost always comes back to these activities.
  • If I let you, you'd stare at videos on the iPad for a very long time.  So we try to keep it at a minimum.  Your favorite, at least for today, is Daniel Tiger.  Poor Elmo has been tossed to the side, for now.
  • Your other favorite past time is brushing your teeth.  You'll stand at the step stool in front of the mirror and brush your teeth 4-5 times a day.  Followed by careful scrubbing of hands and a drink of water ("by myyyy-self") from a dixie cup.
  • You have strong opinions about your clothes.  Most days, given the choice, you pick pants with pockets and a t-shirt.  But sometimes I'll wrestle you into an outfit that I pick.
  • I've heard you count to 14 or 15, but most of the time you still miss a few numbers here and there.  But you're learning fast.
  • You sing the ABCs, and at least make a sounds for each letter.  Of course, whenever I pull out the camera, you stop singing.
  • You also like to sing (or have sung to you) Leonard Cohen's "Halleluija".  You sing the last word of most of the phrases, and the chorus.  Other favorite songs are "Twinkle Twinkle", "You are my Sunshine," and "Puff the Magic Dragon."  In an effort to delay bedtime, you make requests for "songs" and order them up like I'm a human jukebox.
While this winter weeks of being sick seem to drag on, the last two years have flown by in the blink of an eye.  Happy Birthday.  I can't wait to see what the twos have in store for us.

Scout is two


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