Friday, April 26, 2013

Matchy Matchy

One of the benefits of having older cousins is hand-me-downs.  A couple of weeks ago, my sister and nieces showed up at our door with a big box of dolls and stuffed animals.  Scout was thrilled.

For the last year, Scout's pretty much been continuously obsessed with baby dolls.  But for the most part, she only plays with them while they sleep.  And the poor things have to sleep a lot.   She has a few baby dolls (some of which were handmedowns and some of which were gifts), but she's never really shown a preference for anyone.  I think this is a product of day care, where you get what you get.

But in the box of new-to-Scout dolls there was a Bitty Baby.  Last fall I stood in the American Girl* doll store and seriously considered getting her a doll for Christmas.  I resisted, because she had plenty of dolls.  But the Bitty Baby was special, because she came with extra clothes to wear, tiny books, and SHOES!  Scout loves those doll shoes.  She still plays with all of her dolls, but Bitty Baby has gotten some special attention in the last few weeks.   Mostly we change her clothes and her shoes.  Rykert is getting adept at putting doll clothes on and off - but just wait until he meets Ken who is the most impossible doll to dress.

For that reason, I did something that my pre-Scout self would be rolling her eyes at in disgust.  I made the Bitty Baby a matching birthday dress.


I'm not going to lie; I find pictures of dolls so creepy.

I cobbled together a couple of patterns to make this dress, and it turned out cuter than I anticipated (on attempt #2).  I didn't finish her little sweater.  But how cute are they in their matching dresses?

Scout and Bitty Baby_edited

I have an entire Bitty Baby wardrobe now planned in my head.  Sweaters to knit.  Dresses to sew.  Diapers to make.  We'll have to buy some shoes, I think.

*The cynic in me really wants to hate the entire American Girl concept.  But I just can't.  The dolls are pretty high quality.  This particular baby is over 10 years old and was well-loved, but she's got some years left in her.  And the accessories for the Bitty Baby and standard AG dolls are so adorable (Exhibit A; This ridiculously priced doll car.)  Plus there is a historical and literacy component.

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Aleta said...

Can I be honest? The first picture did freak me out. BUT... the second picture of them together with the matching outfits - too adorable!!

Kelly Bronsink said...

You can get the shoes pretty cheap on ebay, I have bought them for my niece.

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