Tuesday, April 09, 2013

Like, whoa.

Time really flew by.  My absence isn't due to any reason specifically, but I've just found other things to keep me entertained in the evening and I had some issues logging into Blogger that I didn't feel like figuring out.

So what's been going on...
  • Easter.  The weather cooperated for a very nice, though a little windy, Easter egg hunt.
Easter 02
  • I've been knitting and sewing and plotting all kinds of projects.  Like a birthday dress.  And clothes for baby dolls.  I've committed to using the stuff I have on hand (or donating it to someone who will).
  • A harebrained project: I want to buy an old (we're talking 60s era) small camper trailer and make it really cute. Like these.  But unfortunately, someone in this household has decided to be a pragmatic fun hater.  I'm still trolling Craigslist anyway.  If anyone knows of a structurally sound fixer-upper in need of some cosmetic TLC in Iowa (or a short driving distance away) let me know.  But note, this is a limited budget project.

  • After a craptastic March weather-wise, spring has finally sprung.  We've been working in the yard, digging in the garden, and spending most of Scout's waking hours "owsiiide."  Scout loves digging in the dirt and we've been walking in the field behind our house watching the deer.
Camera Roll-320
  • It seems absolutely unfathomable to me that Scout will be 2 in just a week and a half.  It is, simply, not possible.  She's becoming quite independent and a little bit sassy.  She feeds Nola every day "by self" and carefully sets the table before dinner.  She loves to help.  She's a talker and has become quite the singer.  
Easter Egg Hunt 01
Yes.  She is eating Nerds.

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Knittripps said...

I've been toying with buying a small camper for a few years now. I never thought to give one a super cute makeover! What a great idea!

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