Wednesday, March 06, 2013

Heartbreaking Knits, Part II

Occasionally, I come across a knitting pattern and I want to immediately clear the decks and cast on.  This little sweater is one of those patterns.

Little Miss Rainbow 02
The button band isn't that wobbly in real life.
The pattern is entitled Demoiselle Arc-en-ciel (Little Miss Rainbow).  The original pattern was written in French, so when I purchased the pattern I was prepared to dust off my rusty French skills (and lean on Rykert's better French skills) to tackle the project.  To my delight, the .pdf download included a separate translated pattern in English (there were some rough spots in the translation, but easy enough to figure out).

Little Miss Rainbow

To make matters even better, I used yarn I had on hand.  I knit away on this and finished it in near record (for me) time - a few weeks.  The sweater has a really simple construction and is adorable with a little gathered detail on the back and a treasure pocket on the front.  Scout loves pockets these days, so I added a second pocket and lined it with some color.

I love this sweater.  If it was my size, I would wear it constantly.  The yarn is nice and soft.  And it seems to fit perfectly with a little room to grow.

We had to click the pic fast because this lasted about 5 seconds.
So where's the heartbreak?  She refuses to wear it.  Refuses.  As in a screaming fit ensues at the mere suggestion.  I've tried bribery.  We have tried talking this sweater up as the most awesome thing ever.  I pretended to put it on.  We put it on the dog.  We put it on dolls.  But nada.  Nothing will convince this child that she should put this sweater on.  I haven't given up hope, but it's heartbreaking nonetheless.

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Jennifer said...

Awwww - I hate it when that happens. Who is to understand why. My son did that. It's a beautiful sweater.

Kelly Bronsink said...

I spent weeks making sam an adorable hat and matching mittens when he was this age and we had screaming tantrums. never did wear it, broke my heart

jean wilson said...

in many of the stories i have heard over the years about kids who refuse to wear certain clothes...the clothes are brown...this seems to be another one for that theory is that they have an obvious association with that color that is unpleasant. personally, i can't stand the color of sinus-infection-snot and my husband keeps buying shirts that are that color and i keep saying, "that looks like snot" but, i digress.

Knittripps said...

Gah! Well, it is an adorable sweater non the less. I especially like the pockets.

Anonymous said...

Jim suggested putting an Elmo pin or sticker on the sweater.

Webbies said...

It is fabulous! Absolutely adorable---maybe try telling her that the "rainbow sweater" will help her see rainbows when she wears it. And then if she asks where the rainbows are, pick her up in front of the mirror and say "there it is" all while tickling her tummy and watching the giggles. :)

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