Monday, March 18, 2013

Heartbreak Update

For some reason on St. Patrick's Day, she decided that she liked that rainbow sweater after all 

Rainbow Sweater 01

There are a couple of possible explanations:
  1. She realized how hard mommy worked knitting that cute sweater and how adorable it was; or
  2. I bribed her with an outdoor photoshoot (despite the cool temps) and she decided she liked it enough to be able to go outside.
Rainbow Sweater 02

Along with the felt shamrock clippie I made her on Saturday, it made a very festive Iowish girl.

Iowish 01

In my head, I thought we'd go downtown for a late lunch/early dinner at one of the loosely-Irish-themed bars.  This was probably a pipe dream, because the temperatures were significantly cooler than last year and I'm sure those places were crowded.  But then Scout got a fever, and we ordered in instead.

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Jennifer said...

Yeah! I'm glad she sported the sweater for the outdoor photo shoot. I love that t-shirt! Hope she's feeling better.

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