Thursday, February 21, 2013

What's going on...

A brief list of what's going on around here...

  • We ended up back at the urgent care clinic last weekend and then at the pediatrician on Tuesday.  Apparently it was another ear infection and a new virus.  I am reluctant to say anything, but it appears that we are really on the mend this time.  But then...
  • I woke up Wednesday morning and noticed that our house, including the bathroom I keep heated like a sauna, was pretty chilly.  Our furnace died in the overnight hours and it was a lovely 4 degrees outside.  Of course they couldn't fix because they couldn't find the part.
  • So we had a slumber party at my sister's.  Scout found this to be a great adventure because they let her eat while sitting on the table, give her constant attention, and they have a lot of toys.  Plus she got to sleep in the pack 'n play under her big cousin's loft beds and go on a great adventure dropping them off at school.
  • Our luck seemingly took a turn for the better this morning and the furnace is fixed and the house is reheating.  Just in time, because there's a snowstorm on the way tonight.
  • All of that has left little time for anything else.  I have some things to share though, so I'll be back soon.

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