Friday, February 15, 2013

What's going on...

A brief list of what's going on around here...
  • In one word: SICK.
  • Scout's been sick for the last week.  It started with just a runny nose, but by the time I picked her up from day care last Thursday she was coughing, had a clear runny nose, and was just generally not herself.  A trip to the quick care clinic revealed an ear infection, bronchiolitis, and RSV.  She then spent 6 days with an up and down fever, feeling very lethargic, no appetite, having coughing fits that ended in vomit eruptions, GI reactions to the antibiotics, and just otherwise acting very un-Scout-like.
  • She's finally coming through, very slowly.  And we're trying to get things back to normal.  Until the next wave hits.
  • Do you want to know what's worse than watching Elmo's World on an endless loop?  Watching a 2 minute preview/advertisement for a Sesame Beginnings DVD (baby versions of Sesame characters) on a constant loop.  I have the full DVD on order, because as annoying as it may be it can't be as bad as Scout's constant request for "babies?" which means the 2-minute preview which is just a bonus feature on an Elmo DVD.
  • I fell flat on Valentine's Day.  Figuratively speaking.  With the plague hanging over our house, it just snuck up on me and I was ill-prepared.  Scout didn't even take Valentine's to school because I wasn't sure she was going to be there.  I felt quite guilty when she came home with her decorated sack and a handprint Valentine for me.  I guess we'll celebrate this weekend.  And next year, by god, I will rock the salt out of Valentine's Day.
  • Last weekend at the grocery store, I ran into a display and might have said, "Oh shit."  And there may, or may not have been a 22 month old echo.  I can't confirm or deny.  Later that day I spilled the salt, and started to say, "Oh..."  Rykert corrected me by saying "Oh Salt."  We've now corrected the s-word with the word "salt" around the house.
  • On the knitting front, I've made some progress and completed some secret sewing.  More on that soon.
  • My obsession for Downton Abbey is waning.  Season 3 just hasn't been as good.  The storylines have been a little circular - lots of odd scheming that leads nowhere - falling into soap opera cliches where the conflict doesn't seem to move the story toward any result.  So I'll watch the finale on Sunday and then see what I think.  Unfortunately, I've been spoiled.  BUT, they are going to have to create something intriguing to bring me back next year.
  • We are in the middle of Golden REtriever shedding season, which honestly is year-round, but seems worse of late.  So it's a good thing this dog is so kind and gentle, because otherwise, the shedding would be unbearable.  Scout often puts her to sleep, and she'll stay like this for quite awhile.
Poor Dog

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Aleta said...

Lol.... My cousin and her husband, when their children were born, substituted the f word to "Fish". When they would get mad at each other, they would use the "fish" word in creative manners "You FishHead or Fish You" She said, "It was really hard to stay mad at someone when you say stuff like that."

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