Tuesday, January 22, 2013

What's going on...

A brief list of what's going on around here:
  • It is Tuesday.  Not Monday.  But by Thursday I will think that it is Friday.
  • The weather was mild and tolerable last Friday, though windy. So much so that we forgot Scout's hat and coat at day care in the afternoon.  
  • By Saturday night, as we left a movie, it had turned decidedly bitter with wind and cold temperatures, and even snow at my parent's house.
  • Yesterday morning and today it was one, single, very lonely degree (and that's Fahrenheit ).  The heat stopped working at my office over the weekend, and it was about 45 degrees at my desk when I got in.  
  • We drove to my parent's on Friday afternoon and I could hear chatter coming from the back seat.  I asked Rykert what she was saying, and he said, "I think she's singing Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star.  All of it." And she was.  I have proof (though it's not the best video since she clammed up every time I pulled the camera out).
  • Scout had her first hair cut over the weekend.  And according to her "First Haircut Certificate" (for real) she showed courage and bravery.  Thanks to daytime pacifier use.
  • Scout's new sweater fits, but I can't decide on buttons and she refuses to model it.
  • Zero Dark Thirty was intense.  I am 100% against torture and believe that it is antithetical to the American version of justice.  So yes, there was depictions of torture and it made me really uncomfortable and the movie wasn't solidly anti-torture, but it really was more factual allowing the viewer to come to their own determination on the subject.  Of course I knew how it ended, but it was still intense.

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Aleta said...

I haven't seen Zero Dark Thirty, but my husband wants too. I don't know if I want to face that type of intensity right now.

It was chilly last week, but mild right now. We are wearing shorts in the 70's for the next couple of days :)

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