Wednesday, January 09, 2013

What's going on....

A brief list of what's going on around here:
  • Monday was my mom's birthday.  We celebrated over the weekend, and had a lot of fun.  So a happy belated birthday.
  • I have been infected with some annoying virus that has given me the head cold that won't go away.
  • Scout has taken to calling us, at times, by our first names.  I think it's pretty cute when she calls me "Yibby" or yells "Ry--ker" from the next room.  Luckily I don't believe that children need to use honorifics for adults.
  • Seemingly overnight, whiny, screechy tantrums arrived at our house.  For example in the first 15 minutes we were home the other night:
    • Scout screamed "EAT!" the whole way home from day care.  She thinks eat means hungry.
    • As I gave her dinner, we had the following tantrums:
      • I gave her cheddar cheese, but she wanted an individually wrapped piece of Kraft cheese food product  = tantrum.
      • I gave her the requested cheese (after insisting that she use the word and say a reluctant please), but I didn't fold it up like "daddy did it" = tantrum
      • I gave her milk, but she wanted juice (really it's 90% water I tell her is juice) = tantrum
      • I explain, and she seems to understand, that if she drinks her milk, I'll give her the "juice".  But the milk is not in the "GEEN" CUP = tantrum (in her defense, some of our sippy cups are worse than others)
      • Rykert prepares the green geen cup, but no, she wants "mommy did it." = tantrum
      • I'm not sure what happened next, but I think I had the next tantrum.  
  • These tantrums are interesting and clearly coming from a place of exhaustion, frustration, and a toddler desire for autonomy.  They are driving me crazy, and we are doing our best to ignore and to not negotiate when they are truly ridiculous.  
  • Scout now has a chore.  She "helps" and provides oversight in the official feeding of the dog, and the dog shall not be fed if she isn't there to participate.  Or else.  She's also responsible for the unofficial feeding that occurs directly from her plate.  What is it they say?  Children should be citizens of a household and not just the consumers of household services.
  • I have almost knit an entire sweater.  It's a 2T/3T, but still.
  • I tackled the mountain of laundry, but haven't touched anything else in my house.  Not true.  I do try to put the toys away most nights.  Scout's other chore is helping pick up her toys, and she is a champ, most of the time.  She even sings a little song from day care while she works, but she has yet to teach us the verses.
  • I can't believe you are still reading this drivel.

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Aleta said...

You made me smile with the post, but I'm trembling with fear too... Just carrying the baby fills me with worry. I can't comprehend tantrums yet. I think it might be a breaking point for me. Lol

Meagan @ The Clanahan Fam said...

Not drivel. Funny & real life. Tantrums in full force around here so I feel your pain. I get a little nervous because they say that 3 is worse than 2. I'm not sure how it could be any worse. We've started the public ones too, which is always super fun.

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