Thursday, January 31, 2013

Help me.

Before Christmas, I saw this dress at Target (it was part of their Jason Wu for Neiman Marcus collection).  I loved it, but the price tag, for a toddler dress, at Target nonetheless, was a deal breaker.

jason wu dress
But after Christmas, my mom was able to score it on super-super clearance.  Actually we have the red version as well.  Honestly, I'm not surprised that they had to clearance these.  It's an adorable dress, and is  well made (at least by Target standards) but the original price tag ($59.99) was just too much for a Target toddler dress, me thinks.

I still love it, but I'm thinking that for the late-winter/spring, it needs a little cardigan.

jason wu dress sweater
Pardon my MS Paint graphic, I was too lazy to use Photo Shop.
On my screen, the dress color is pretty true.  The dress fabric is a poly-taffeta something.  There is a lovely lace collar and a bow on the back.  I'm thinking a lightweight sweater - either something shrug-like or a dainty lacey cardigan.  I have a couple of pattern ideas, but I'm lost on the color.  It's hard to tell how true the yarn colors are and screens vary, but you get the drift.  What do you think?  One of these options or something different entirely?  Pink?  Coral?  Turquoise?

And then I need to figure out some shoes.  I did just buy her these boots for a seriously discounted price via one of those shopping deal sites, but I'm guessing they aren't quite right for this dress.

Livie & Luca - Buck (Infant/Toddler/Youth)

So black patent mary janes maybe with white tights?

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Megan said...

I like the purple and I'd probably go for a shrug :-)

jean wilson said...

IMHO the two best colors with khaki are black or white.

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