Saturday, January 26, 2013

Dolly Diaper Bag

After finishing the dolly highchair, I decided that Scout also needed a diaper bag.  I started with this tutorial and used the leftover fabric from the highchair cushion.  I didn't follow it to the letter, because I made the decision while at home in a blizzard and had to make do.

Dolly Diaper Bag 01

At the last minute, I added the pocket.  It's just wool felt with her name machine embroidered.

I have spatial issues, so the bag is bigger than I would have liked.  Probably a little too big for her.  But it doesn't stop her from dragging it everywhere, draping it over her shoulder, or something even hanging it from her neck like a ginormous necklace.  On mornings that I take her to daycare, she insists on grabbing her "purse" as I'm gathering my work bag and laptop.  Had I known that it would be drug across the garage floor (and all our floors really), I probably would have used a more forgiving fabric.

Inside the bag was filled with lots of random baby items: dolly bottles, spoons, baby food, pacifiers.

12-21-12 Baby Bag 01

She often picks up her bag (or bags) and says "Bye guys," and heads into the other room.  She returns and screams, "I back."

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Webbies said...

Adorable! It always feels so good when you can make something that is loved by your little one :)

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