Friday, December 28, 2012

A happy holiday...

So Christmas has come and gone.  We all had a great time, even though it was Rykert's year to work.  I did my best to stretch the celebrating out as far as possible.

On Thursday, we had a snow day thanks to a lovely blizzard that blew through Iowa.  Even though I worked that whole day from home (actually later than usual) and part of the day on Friday, I'm calling this the unofficial start of our holiday vacation.

Snow Day (2)

Friday, Rykert, Scout and I celebrated a Merry Secular Solstice/ Giftmas with Chinese food and a few gifts.  Sometimes Santa Claus comes a little early while good little girls are at day care.  We had Chinese for the second year in a row, which begs the question: does twice a tradition make?

12-21-12 Beads 01
Of course, these $1 Mardi Gras beads in her stocking were pretty much her favorite thing.
On Saturday, Scout and I loaded up our sleigh and followed my sister and her family to my parents' house.  I was utterly disappointed in the state of Iowa.  It was 2 days after a blizzard and the roads were still a surprising mess.  I mean, was it a shock to everyone that it snowed in December in Iowa?

Sunday, we celebrated Festivus.  For no other reason, than it was an excuse to celebrate something.  My dad fashioned a pole, and during dinner we had the annual Airing of the Grievances.  The Feats of Strength occurred throughout the day including my sister arguing with her husband over control of the tv and remote controls and my nieces fighting over the bottom bunk.  Donations were made in everyone's name to The Human Fund (money for people).

Monday was Christmas Eve.  We got everything ready for the big feast, but otherwise just stayed inside.  Actually, I don't think I left the house.

Scout 02
Let's hear it for handmedown Christmas dresses and ragamuffin hair.

And then on Christmas, Santa found Scout again.  Lucky girl.  We ate a big feast where there was pretty much the perfect amount of food without a disgusting excess of leftovers.  Roast beast.  After the meal was consumed, the board game completed, and the desserts devoured, we headed to my grandparents for another round of celebration.

I'm thinking I need to make up a few more holidays to stretch the season out even farther.  I'm not big on New Year's Eve, so I need something akin to Solstice or Festivus.  Thoughts?

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Aleta said...

Love all the pictures and I smiled at the Mardi Gras beads. Mardi Gras 2013 is Feb 12th and relatives are coming in town to see it. Catch beads for free :)

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