Saturday, December 29, 2012

2012 Card

A month or so ago, I told you about our family picture debacle.  I had pretty much given up hope of a family picture for our card, and decided I would just go through the gazillion pictures of Scout that I had already taken and find something.  But then I came across this picture from our trip to Louisiana over Thanksgiving.

Scout 112312 - 01

It's one of my favorites.  There's something about the big trees and the little girl and the subdued autumnal colors and her bright pink shirt.  She looks like she's going on a grand adventure.  And this is pretty sacred ground to Rykert in front of his family's house.  I wasn't sure that I could make it work as a happy holidays card, but I decided it was the picture I wanted to use.  And I think it turned out pretty good.

The back had a close-up of Scout with her age.  Next year, I pledge, I will think ahead.

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Meagan @ The Clanahan Fam said...

I think it was an absolutely perfect Christmas card. I loved seeing our family's stomping grounds on a card - and just the innocence of Scout marching through the pines, well so sweet. Merry Christmas!!!

Jennifer said...

I love this picture! It's unique. It's adorable. It's very happy and filled with promise. I vote for using your favorite of the year in pictures for a card every year if this is what you get. :D

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