Thursday, November 01, 2012

Halloween 2012

The past week has been a whirlwind.  Full days at work, Race for the Cure last weekend, Halloween festivities on Monday, and then trick or treating last night.  That's a lot of activity for us.  I'm usually content to change out of my work clothes and into my pajamas at 5.

On top of that, Scout has had yet another gross virus.  I think it's just this year's batch of day care germs coming through.  Hopefully they will pass soon, and this year will be better than last.  She's been a trooper though, but this morning her poor nose was red and sore and she's still got a cough.  By last night, she was just DONE.

As I said before, Scout was a nurse for Halloween.  It was a nod to her dad (who wears very unconventional nursing clothes, I guess) and her aunt, and also embraced a little bit of vintage cuteness.  I'm still smitten with the entire costume, even if she wouldn't wear the cap.  I'll post soon about how I made all of the components.

Last night, Scout got dressed in her costume, but was not entirely excited about posing for pictures.  She matched one of her cousins.

Eventually, with the help of some treats, we coaxed her into some pictures.

Anna had to lose the vampire teeth because Scout was confused.

She spent most of the evening standing here, asking for "mo' kids."

Waiting for the kids

By the end of the night, the dress, well... the dress was in a state thanks to a blue dum-dum "sucka."

After sucker
I'm so attached to this dress that I immediately treated those stains and put it in the laundry.
That was Halloween.  Is it time to start planning next year's costume?  I think I need to dress up next year.  And maybe host a party.

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