Tuesday, November 06, 2012


After what has felt like an interminable election season, today's the day.  I mean seriously the full barrage of politicians started the summer of 2011 with the run-up to the caucuses.  It barely slowed down and then it ramped back up in a pretty intense way.  Maybe I'm just becoming less political, but the ads and appearances and all that seemed much worse this year.

I considered voting early, but I didn't. Instead, I woke up in the pouring rain, got ready for work (even packed a lunch), took Scout to day care, got gas, ignored the low tire light in my car, voted, and got to work (still in the pouring rain).  All before 7:45.  I'm feeling proud of that logistical victory.

I started writing about politics, about the downfall of public discourse thanks to Facebook, and a bunch of reasons why I vote.  But it devolved into vitriol.  I'll leave it be, and hopefully will be back with some craftiness soon.  But if you haven't already, go vote.

Without getting into specifics, this is by far the best political sign I saw all season.

Source: Twitter.  

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katie metzroth said...

love it :)

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