Thursday, November 29, 2012

Family Picture Debacle

I was really happy with how our holiday cards came out last year.  It sort of happened by accident.  In my attempts to take a self-timer photo, I ended up with just what I was looking for with Nola, Rykert, and Scout.  I just photoshopped myself into the picture, and there it was.

And then I was able to find a fun card template to use.  It really exceeded my expectations.

Xmas Card Proof_Page_1
You see, I'm not really in that picture.  I wasn't there.  I was behind the camera.
So this year, I made the mistake of setting out with really high expectations.  I perused the interwebs (mostly Pinterest) for photo inspiration.  I planned our little photo session during the magic hour just before sunset when the light is acceptable and the toddler is rested and fed.  Well, you might have guessed that things pretty much went downhill from the start.  I could not get the timer to go on my camera.  The toddler's hair was a messy mullet and trying to fix it resulted in screaming.  And she wanted to run.  And so did her nose.  The dog wanted to take off and swim in the freezing lake.  It was a nice day and there were tons of people on the trail.  It was a debacle.  It pretty much looked like this

Family Picture Debacle 01

And this is one of the best pictures. I took a ton of photos because I discovered (after much trial and error and mis-firing on the timer) that my camera has a timer option that allows you to set up intervals and multiple shots (up to 9) in each interval.  Because I wasn't behind the camera, the composition on most of them is really outta whack - off center, the dog is in the foreground, Rykert's white socks are stealing the show, out of focus, snotty noses, over-exposed faces, etc.  It's been a couple of weeks and I can actually look at the pictures and sort of laugh, but I was so mad that day.  So mad.  And by the time we got to this picture and I decided we were DONE, we had walked quite a ways from our car.

I was ready to do something clever with this picture, because it pretty much captures that day.  I was going to create a clever greeting on the left side and call it good - kind of a "Hey, we tried! Lay off." card.  But then I decided to go in a different direction, and I love the result which I'll show sometime this month.  It's different.

There's a lesson here.  Plan ahead and schedule a damn photographer.  Or accept help from a willing triggerman (even if you are going out into the woods).  Or simply lower expectations.

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