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Things toddlers like...

We have managed to keep the toy clutter in our house to a sensible level, at least so far.  I think this is because Scout is pretty easily entertained, and much prefers to wander aimlessly around the yard or play with the outdoor toys than be inside.  Most of our indoor playtime is spent doing the following (or harassing the puppy):

Babies and Blankets
This obsession started when she switched from the infant room to the toddler room at day care.  Two things caused this:
  1. In the toddler room, they nap on cots.  Basically, the teachers get them all situated on the cots, and then sit between them and pat backs until the kids are all asleep.  Well, until most of the kids are asleep.  Ours doesn't always sleep, but miraculously sleeps better here then she ever did in the infant room.
  2. They have a huge box of baby dolls.
Scout brought the baby doll game home which basically involves babies smothered face down into the floor and then being covered and re-covered with small blankets while saying "ni-night" (I guess this is imitative of nap time at day care).  This is followed by heavy patting on the back.  Sometimes we have to be the baby.  Sometimes babies have to go ni-night on the driveway.  Poor babies.  But this game goes on for a really long time sometimes.

Poor babies.

A recent addition to the baby game involves a doctor set.  These poor babies are covered in "owwwies" (aka band aids).  It might because their little momma throws them on the concrete to go ni-night.

To illustrate her obsession, this is how we often find the crib when she wakes up in the morning or from a nap



Books and Magazines

Scout Reading 02
Brown Bear, Brown Bear has been a favorite for awhile now.

Books are a big hit.  She doesn't have the attention span for anything beyond a board book.  She loves the vocabulary books, and we h ave an entire set of these:

They are TORTURE to read, because they are just pictures with identifying words.  "Apple."  "Airplane."  I hid the entire set last week, but didn't do a very good job because she quickly found them.

The other books that are a big hit are anything with textures that you can touch and feel.  My personal favorite is, "That's Not My Puppy."

She has other favorites, but mostly she just likes to flip the pages and occasionally we get through an entire book.

And did you know that they have magazines for babies?

A friend  told me about Babybugs magazine.   It's more like a sturdy, glossy book than a magazine.  I ordered it for Scout and it was a hit.  She was with me at the mailbox when it came, and carried it proudly into the house (though truthfully I sometimes give her the J.Crew catalog and she carries it inside and "reads" it with the same pride).  She carried it everywhere she went for the first few days and we read and re-read the stories.  Babybugs would make the perfect gift for a one-year old.

I recently ordered Highlights Hello via one of those groupon-type things.  We haven't received it yet, but I think she'll like that as well.  In a year or so, we'll probably switch to Ladybug and High Five.

Telephones and Things that Resemble Telephones
We do a lot of "talking" on the phone.  It starts with a "hi-yooo" and then consists of pauses broken up with  "yeah, [pause], yeah, [pause], bu-bye."

Ok, that sounds bad.  But one of the things that keeps Scout very entertained is when I send her on little "errands."  "Can you give this to Daddy?"  "Go show the toy to Nola."  "Where's the [toy] hot dog?"  "Can you throw this in the garbage?"  This game will keep her entertained for quite awhile.

We do a lot of scribbling.  Generally she sits at her little table (hand-me-down from her cousins) and we put down a huge pad of paper.  But sometimes she wanders off with the crayons, but a few errant crayon marks never hurt anyone.  After trying regular sized crayons, triangular, and "Large", we discovered that she prefers the Jumbo Crayons, and they are the easiest to use.  Sometimes we also play with stickers and post-it notes.

In case you didn't know, "Elmo" is a generic term applied to all muppets.  At least in our household.  It also means, I want to watch a song on your phone.  Scout doesn't watch tv. I've tried to show her Sesame Street or Curious George, but she has no interest in it - at all.  But she will watch short videos on my phone or iPad, but only if there is singing.  Here's one of her current favorites.  I need to get a video of her bouncing up and down like Michael Stipe (music starts at 0:28).

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Unknown said...

We didn't have Elmo when we were little, right? I felt like we all loved Grover.
There is no denying the power of Elmo, though. I bribe a lot of small children into smiling at me in clinic, and Elmo is the safest bet.

Libby said...

No I don't think we had Elmo. Though according to Wikipedia he was around in the 80s, but he didn't really see meteoric fame until the 90s maybe. There's a documentary called Being Elmo that I actually really want to see. But Elmo irritates Libby when Elmo talks in the third person.

Megan said...

If Scout likes muppet type things and singing, she might really like Bunnytown (, my daughter loooooooves it. I downloaded it on iTunes to try when we went on a long trip and ended up getting the whole series because she loved it that much.

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