Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Picture Perfect

I prefer taking pictures to having my picture taken.  This is actually an understatement.  But I recently read this article. (and if you haven't yet, then you should.  Now.  I'll wait.)  And I realized that I'd really like to have a picture with all of us together.  This will be a monumental chore, because Rykert is equally (or maybe more) uncomfortable in front of the camera, Scout no longer sits still and is now prone to toddler stubborness, and our weekends have been pretty full.  But hope springs eternal.  So even if I can't get a professional arranged, we will have a family picture.  Even if it involves a tripod, camera remote, and some rudimentary photoshopping on my part.  Or even if one of my tweenage nieces snaps it off-center and in front of the actual cobwebs (as opposed to Halloween decor) on our front porch - it's happening.  I'm not talking about an unnatural posed photo with perfectly positioned hands that would land us on Awkward Family Photo.  No, just a picture where all three of us are present and not screaming, blinking, or looking in the complete opposite direction.

As I think about this, I've been thinking about how to style said photograph to make us look at least half-way put together.  The thing is that we usually wear old holey sweatshirts and jeans around the house.  Clothes are not my thing.  Not at all.  And even though Scout has a pretty solidly cute little wardrobe, her dad sometimes sends her to day care (after I've left for work) looking like this:

Daddy dressed me today.

A couple of notes about this photo:
  1. It was a semi-cold day and that skirt was clearly in the pile to be stored away.
  2. I'd be crying too.
  3. You should have seen my face when I picked her up at day care.  
  4. His thought process revolved around the white dots.
  5. That's my house and it's a mess.  But there you go.
So I started thinking.  I don't want to spend a lot of money on clothes we won't wear regularly after the photo.  My focus was on things that we already owned or that we maybe would have purchased anyway.  I like it when the clothes in a photo are coordinated (and don't clash) but aren't so matchy-matchy it's sickeningly sweet. For details, click on the picture and you'll see the set and links on Polyvore.

Family Picture 2012, option 1

Option 1:
  • We'd all wear jeans.  Rykert and I probably have similar sweaters, and I've had my eye on that sweater for Scout.  I've just been looking for a reason to buy it, but of course now her size is sold out online.  Commence the scavenger hunt.  Way to go mom!
  • On the Gap's website, they pair the sweater with lime green cords, but they don't seem to have those anymore either.  I'd settle for pairing it with jeans we already have.

Family Picture 2012, option 2

Option 2:
  • I don't know what we would all wear, but Scout already has this dress.  We aren't really dress-up people.  But I really love this dress.  Regardless of whether or not we get a family photo taken, I think I need to take her for professional pictures in this dress.  Maybe.

Family Picture 2012 Option 3

Option 3:
  • Accepting that we are jeans and t-shirt un-preppy people, I went to Boden looking for color inspiration.
  • I really like photos where there's lots of neutral with just a pop of color.  I'm not sure if this would work or not.  But the saddle shoes are happening.  If not this year, in the next year or two.

Family Picture 2012 Option 4

Option 4:
  • Again, accepting our affinity for jeans and collarless shirts and playing with the neutral plus color pop theme.
  • I don't think I could ever justify those boots, but gah!
Family Picture 2012 Option 5

Option 5:

  • This is sort of just a cleaned up version of how we normally look when we are home.  
  • That sweater seems to be discontinued by The North Face (or probably last year's model), but if I could find it I would snap it up.
Of course, thiis is all just window shopping, and if you ever start playing with Polyvore, I will warn you that you can easily get addicted.  Not Pinterest addicted, but addicted nonetheless.

So what do you think?  Any ideas for a family photo color palette?

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Rykert said...

Without Nola, it's not a family picture. It's just a picture of you (albeit a potentially nice one), me and Scout.

Crafty Girl said...

The sweater for you in Option 5 if very similar to one I just saw at Target.

Libby said...

Target, you say? I'm on it.

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