Thursday, October 11, 2012

A few days late.

I read a lot of blogs. And lately, I've been reading a lot of blogs featuring kids sewing projects, and I've gotten the itch to do some sewing.  

Last week, I read elsie marley about her Kid's Clothes Week Challenge.  The challenge is basically to spend an hour each day sewing clothes for your kids.  Participants share projects on Pinterest and in the Flickr group.  And holy cow! People are so crazy creative, and seeing creative people doing creative things makes me want to try to be creative and make cool things too.  Even if they fall flat.  So this week I've been sewing in the evenings working on a couple of things for Scout, and watching along and day dreaming about all of the projects I want to make.  Unfortunately, it's hard to find the time to sew, photograph, and blog in the same week.  Hopefully soon I'll have photos to share, but of course this is contingent on my little model participating in a photo shoot and clothes changing has apparently become an incredibly painful experience.

So what have I been working on:

  • Upcycled Nurse Dress (needs one tiny finishing touch) - I'm so excited about how this turned out.
  • Swingy Nurse Cape  (almost done, currently wrestling button holes)
  • Nurse Cap
  • Shirt Dress and Apron (completed and waiting for a dye job)
What would I like to make next:
  • Red corduroy pea coat with hungry caterpillar lining
  • Sweater (from a recycled cashmere sweater that is too small and has a couple of holes)
  • Pajama/ Lounging Pants
  • Bright colored version of the nurse dress (need to look in Rykert's closet or consignment for shirts to use).
  • Pretty much one of each of the Oliver + S patterns.
And lots more.

I'm trying to use the things I have on hand and am trying to clean out some as I go.  I'm trying, but probably not with a ton of success.

And I still knit too.  I swear.  At least sometimes.  I'm half-way through a rainbow striped poncho for Scout and I have a couple of knit dolls that still need to be finished and blogged.  One was completed during the Olympics but has been sitting on the couch ever since!

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