Monday, September 10, 2012

Where I've been...

Over Labor Day weekend, we went to Chicago.  And we didn't take Scout.  She stayed behind at my sister's.  I'm pretty sure she was appropriately spoiled and was ruling the roost upon arrival.  She enjoyed her stay so much that she was nearly indifferent about our arrival.  I think she was happy to be home and to see us, of course, but she had a fine time.


We had a nice time in Chicago too.  Of course we picked the weekend that the rest of our state convened on the city for a football game.

And then last week I flew to Boston for work for a mere 24 hours, which when you factor in time spent in airports and sleeping isn't much time at all.


But the next few weeks look to be much quieter.  But I've got plenty of things on my list to do.  The weather has been fantastic, and it's football season around here.  While we didn't go to the big game on Saturday, I couldn't resist the opportunity to dress someone up.

Despite her cheering and her new work "hawkeye", they didn't pull it out.  Actually they looked really really bad.  But you win some; you lose some.  Some years you lose more than others.

Scout 090812-02

Scout got new shoes, and it was a really big ordeal.  But seriously, those pleats and legs and shoes kill me.

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Jennifer said...

Awww - how adorable. Go Hawks!

Aleta said...

She's too cute! Love the outfit :)

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