Friday, September 14, 2012

Halloween - Help me!

Last year, I went a little over-board on Halloween.  Do you remember?  And I had a lot of fun doing it.  So as the calendar turned to September I started to think about this year.

I've decided I'm only making one costume this year.  And here's the deal:

My little model now has her own opinions.  

This means that she currently will not stand still to have her picture taken and wrestling her in and out of clothes has become much more difficult.  I'm actually not convinced I can get her into one costume.

Now comes the task of deciding what this year's costume will be.  And I need your help.

Here are some contenders (click on links for DIY inspiration as I did not want to post other's photos):

Jessie from Toy Story.
I would not have considered this one, until I was at the Disney Store and saw this hat.  There's no way that I'm buying Disney's paper-thin, over-priced polyester costume, but I think I could make a pretty cute version.  For inspiration, look here and here.

Little Red Riding Hood.  Yes, this would be a repeat from last year.  But I may not be able to resist a new red cape.  Cute versions here and here.

Wonder Woman.  Another repeat, but if I had it my way she might just be WW every year until she screams, "Enough already!"  But I have a couple of ideas to raise the bar on last year's WW: here and here.  Really cute variations here and here

Alice in Wonderland.  I don't know.  Is it too boring?  Chasing Fireflies has a really cute version. And then there's this.

Pebbles Flinstone.  The problem with Pebbles is that it's a warm weather costume.  I'm afraid that with cool weather accessories, the look would be completely off.  But it could be oh so cute.

Peacock. I think this would be very cute but seems utterly impractical.  But this DIY version has been killing me.

I have a lot of others stored away in my Halloween pinboard on Pinterest.  Go take a look if you are interested!

What do you think?  Please vote below or give me some more ideas in the comments.

What should Scout be for Halloween? free polls 

I'll leave the poll up for a few days, at least, and you can vote once per day if you are passionate about this.

Other ideas?  R2D2?  Princess Leia, again? Princess Darth Vader? Flo from Alice? Maybe next year, Cruella DeVil.  My only costume rules are no makeup and no wigs, because it would be a nightmare to attempt to pull off.

As an aside, when my nieces were exactly Scout's age, they were chickens.  And it remains one of the most adorable toddler costumes.  Ever.

chickens 03
I need to find a better copy of this.

3 comment(s). Tell me what you think!:

Meagan @ The Clanahan Fam said...

Ok, I think she would be precious in anything! I am dying over those chicken outfits. So wish I had seen them before I bought R&Q's outfits (princess and pirate - I know, how boring but Q is a little princess so it's pretty perfect). BUT I also love the idea of Alice b/c I think the blue with her beautiful blue eyes would be stunning!!!

Megan said... <- That is likely the cutest Little Red Riding Hood pattern on the face of the planet! That's totally my vote!

Knittripps said...

Whatever you decide will be the cutest thing ever!

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