Monday, August 13, 2012


Rykert, Scout and I went to the State Fair this weekend.  The weather was absolutely perfect, which was a welcome surprise after the weeks and weeks of living in a sauna.  Scout thoroughly enjoyed seeing all the animals.  The baby goats were my favorite, and I may have asked if we could take one home.  Scout liked the cows, and if you ask her she'll tell you what they say.

It was a good time.  However, I completely underestimated how her new found mobility would impact our trip.  She's no longer content to ride along in the stroller, because she can't see things well enough or wander aimlessly and explore.  She wanted to walk, and if she could keep any kind of reasonable pace or walk in a straight line we could have considered it.  But instead, she took a brief ride on Rykert's shoulders and walked through the barns on my back in the baby carrier (which I had thankfully grabbed at the last minute).  Between wrangling her, pushing the stroller, and fighting the crowds, there were no pictures.  Except one.

Scout at the fair 01

She was a good sport though even without much of a nap (except for 30 minutes in the stroller).  After the fair we went back to my parent's and she played in a box and grandma gave her the entire bag of Goldfish to muck around in and feed to the dog.


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Knittripps said...

We went to the fair on Sunday. I have to say that I was a wee bit disappointed in the knitting this year. The corn dogs made up for it though!

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