Wednesday, August 15, 2012

En garde.

Months ago, I heard about the Iowa City Fencing Center.  I didn't know anything about fencing, but thought it would be interesting.  Then in the local 4th of July parade they had fencers marching along fully suited in 100 degree weather.  Again, I thought, "Hmmm..."  And then the Olympics started and I remembered that I've been meaning to look into it.

I figured that scheduling would be a nightmare because our weekends are pretty busy and Rykert's schedule varies from week to week.  So imagine my surprise when there was a class the following weekend that worked perfectly.  I signed up, and almost chickened out at the last minute, but I went.

I feel as unnatural as I look.
And whoa.  Fencing is hard.  I learned the basics.  The gear, the most basic footwork and parry, the lingo, and the rules and scoring.  It was a 2 hour beginner's class and my quads definitely felt it the next day. I was not a natural, but I had a lot of fun.  After a few drills, we paired off and fenced.  And all the things I learned in the drills went out the window and I flailed.

If our schedules allowed, I would definitely keep it up, and I'm still hopeful that I can during their next session.

If you are in the Iowa City area, I highly recommend that you look into the ICFC.  It's a wonderful facility run by a really experienced and kind woman.  They offer classes for kids aged 5 through seniors for both competitive and recreational.  They provide the equipment so there's really no reason not to give it a whirl.  They also host birthday parties.

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