Wednesday, July 25, 2012


At 14 months, she started walking, and she's pretty much walking all the time now.  Still unsteady, drunk zombie-esque walking, but walking.

Scout - July 4th 09
If I could turn back time... that pacifier would be different.
She has a lot of words, and is communicating better every day:
  • dada
  • mama (usually only during tantrums or meltdowns, and to signal pacifier)
  • cracka
  • uppy (when she wants picked up or help getting up)
  • owsiiiide 
  • puppa (puppy; also to signal Nola to pick up food on the floor during mealtime)
  • doggy (interchangeable with puppa)
  • mow (more, sometimes the corresponding sign)
  • alldun (and the corresponding sign)
  • geee (in response to "ready, set..."; and while walking "gogogogo")
  • one (in response to "how old are you" and accompanied with one finger in the air)
  • nine (aka mine, my least favorite of her words)
  • nigh nigh (during her obsessive Rainman-esque baby game with lots of dolly back patting)
  • stowy (book or anything that looks like a book.  I first recognized this when she was pulling DVDs off the shelf and carrying to me saying "stowy")
  • dahly (dolly)
  • uh oh (but usually for things done on purpose)
  • hot dog
  • coookey
  • pickup (usually said like this, "pickup pickup pickup" and said while picking up Legos or putting food back into a bowl; I thank day care for this)
  • Elmoooo
  • No (this is new and is the response to just about every question)
Between the actual words there is tons of jabbering.  Sometimes it is non-stop.  Sometimes it sounds exactly like a word or phrase, but it's pure coincidence.  The signing has basically stopped as she's picked up more and more words.  Or she's signing and I don't know what it means.  This is definitely possible.

Other "tricks":
  • After saying "all done", she hands us her plate, bowl, and/or cup
  • Crossing her arms at her chest with a shrug to her shoulders
  • Finding her nose, eyes, ears and piggies (toes) (most of the time)
  • Playing along to the Ernie & Bert song, "Patty Patty Pat Pat" (pat your tummy, shake your legs, wiggle your fingers)
  • Putting her pointer finger to her mouth and saying, "sssssss" and then whispering.
  • She's finally figured out how to back her way down the stairs carefully.  Though she still forgets sometimes.
  • Turning off the lights.  She wants to flip all the switches in the house, and is an important after-bath activity.
  • She still plays her game with the dollies; laying them on their tummies and carefully covering them up and patting.  Now, if I take a blanket and snap it, she lays on her stomach to be covered up.  At night I put all the dollies in the corners of the crib, by morning they look like this:
My sister calls her Rain Man.
  • We've been to the pool and she's hot and cold on it.  Somedays she LOVES it, and other days it's just alright.  This weekend she decided she liked the splash pad.  She definitely has no fear of the water, and will put her face right in to imitate Rykert blowing bubbles.
  • She's a picky eater.  I'm sure my family would say that they aren't surprised by this.
  • She loves to read her books.  "Brown Bear Brown Bear What Do You See" and a Touch and Feel Puppy book are her favorites.  But otherwise, we just thumb through the pages.  Sometimes, she'll sit and turn the pages and "read" out loud.
  • We are working on animal sounds.  A doggie pants with her tongue sticking out.  A fish makes a kissy noise and face, and pretty much everything else says, "Boo" (i.e., Moo).
  • She's getting 2 more teeth (top middle), and I'm going to miss this vampire smile
Fangs 01
  • She's just picking up so much these days.  She mimics our gestures and sounds.  And she's just growing too fast.

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Meagan @ The Clanahan Fam said...

One of my favorite posts of yours!! Can't believe how big she is getting. And what a vocabulary - that's amazing : ) I kinda miss the zombie walking stage, Ryan stuck with that for a long time. Looked like he had been into the liquor cabinet : )

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