Monday, July 09, 2012

Dolly Diaper Wipes

As I was putting together the Dolly Diaper Bag, I decided that we needed some wipes.  I didn't want to over-complicate it, but wanted to make something cute.  It was super easy to put together using scraps of stuff I had on hand, and I even remembered to take pictures along the way.

DIY Dolly Diaper Wipes

1 piece of felt (I used wool, but any kind of felt will work)
Scraps of white flannel, diaper cloth, or other fabric
Sewing Machine
Pinking Shears


To start, cut the following pieces from your felt.  One 4" x 6" rectangle.  Two 2.5" x 6" rectangles.

01 Dolly Wipes

If you'd like, use the pinking shears to create a decorative edge on the long side of two of the smaller pieces.

Assemble your pieces like this.

03 Dolly Wipes

You want the short sides to overlap a bit.  Line up the other edges to match the larger piece of felt.  Pin the pieces in place.

Sew around the perimeter leaving a 1/4" seam allowance.

04 Dolly Wipes

Turn inside out.  You are finished with the wipes container.

05 Dolly Wipes

For the wipes, use your pinking shears to cut uniform pieces of wipe fabric to approximately 4" squares.  True confession:  I didn't measure; I just cut.  I made about 8-10 for each package.

06 Dolly Wipes

If you don't use pinking shears, your fabric will unravel.  You could also sew around the perimeter using a zigzag stitch on a regular machine or serge the sides.

The magic of these wipes is really in folding them so they will pop out of the felt container one right after another.  To achieve this, lay one wipe down.  Place the other so it overlaps about half way.

07 Dolly Wipes

Fold the side of the bottom wipe over the top wipe.

08 Dolly Wipes

Lay down the next wipe so it overlaps halfway.  Repeat.

09 Dolly Wipes

You will end up with a stack of wipes that look like this.

13 Dolly Wipes

Place them inside the felt container and pull the first one so it pops up.  Now, when you remove the first wipe, the next should magically pop up like a Kleenex.

15 Dolly Wipes

Scout enjoys pulling all the wipes out very methodically.  I get to refold and put them away for the next time.

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