Monday, July 30, 2012

Commentary on the Olympics

Scout and I spent the weekend at my parent's.  And we watched plenty of Olympics.  I can be easily sucked into the Olympics - even sports that I know nothing about.  Women's weightlifting?  Yep, I watched it.

On Friday night, we watched the Opening Ceremonies. It was certainly very British.  And by that I mean boring.  During the parade of nations we thought about how British Colonialism had been noticeably absent from the historical parts of the ceremonies.  

Also, the United States won the dorky outfit contest at the Opening Ceremonies.  Ralph Lauren should be embarrassed - not only because they were made in China but because they were decidedly not cute.  They were apparently based on 1940s uniforms, but sometimes the past should just stay there.  Next time they should all just go to the Gap or J Crew.

However, in a related fashion note, I really liked the U.S. Women's Soccer Team's uniforms.

The Knitting

I cast on my knitting project on Friday, and had made significant progress by last night.

Ravellenic Games: Day 2

Like I said, I'm not using a pattern.  So I'm not entirely happy with the proportions.  But I'm going to knit on and hope for the best.

Observations on Olympics Coverage

The swimming coverage is punctuated (but not in a good way) with the poolside sideline reports of Andrea Kremer who seems to pride herself on being Debbie Downer regardless of what just happened in the pool..  She seriously asks the most ridiculous, negative questions and makes simply inane comments.  She's the Joan Rivers of the Olympics.  It's worse than her NFL reporting.  If you haven't been watching, she catches the swimmers while they're still winded post-race.  If they win a silver, she asks "What happened out there today?"  As if to create a continuous narrative of disappointment and failure.  If they don't medal, she says, "So after all that hard work and training, you missed the medal stand today.  How does that make you feel?"

I do not think it would be unwarranted for any of them to pull the microphone out of her hand and throw it into the pool.  She will, however, make fantastic fodder for SNL.  As a replacement, I nominate Samuel L. Jackson.  He has been providing highly entertaining running commentary on Twitter (at least I think it might be him). 

Speaking of terrible coverage, did they really have to interview the gymnast who advanced with the girl who didn't crying in the background?

I was just waiting for Andrea Kremer to pop over from the pool to do her interview.  I guess I'd be crying too if I had given up my childhood and carbs for disappointment that could be measured in hundredths of a point.  I like how the commentators were talking about how they are all best friends, and then they gave each other completely insincere cheers and hugs after each event.  

And Ryan Seacrest?  Please just make it stop.  Put him on the plane with Andrea Kremer.  Stat.


I think it's pretty much impossible to avoid spoilers.  If you receive news alerts on your phone, check Facebook, Twitter, or any social media, read an online newspaper or talk to someone who does, you will probably know what happens before NBC decides to broadcast the events.  I think it's time that NBC change their model for broadcasting the Olympics.  Perhaps they should just stream/ broadcast the big events live, and then while London is sleeping they can do a recap for those of us that can't watch all day.
Even NBC's analysts and commentators are live tweeting results without spoiler warnings.

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