Saturday, July 07, 2012

Another Ice Cream Dress

My nieces celebrated their birthday in April by having a party at Home Ec Workshop.  It's a great local yarn and fabric store that also hosts a coffee bar and has a workshop space in the back.  For their party, 9 girls (aged 11 and under) sewed a purse.  It was amazingly efficient and everyone completed their bag (from selecting fabric to filling it up) in well under 2 hours.  We even had time for cake.  While I was there, I bought some fabric with tiny little ice cream cones.

I made Scout a dress (and still have a yard to spare) using the same pattern as her patriotic frock.

Ice Cream Dress 01
The bodice is lined with a no-frills off-white cotton.

Again, I loved the pattern.  And the fabric.  I put the entire thing together in an evening, which is very fast for me.  I really love those pleats.

Scout Ice Cream Dress 01
Some day we will get rid of that baby paci. But not today.

Once it was complete I stalled out on the buttonholes.  After practicing a few with success, I got ready for the real deal. Of course, I absolutely massacred one of them and it's a huge mess.  But it's not visible when the dress is worn, so I decided to worry about it later.

Scout Ice Cream Dress 07
Seriously.  That top buttonhole looks is a huge mess and took nearly as long as the rest of the dress.

I had every intention of sewing a basic diaper cover to go with the dress since it's pretty short.  But I never got around to it.  Maybe I still with.  I'm thinking brown with white polka dots.

Now what to do with the remaining fabric?

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