Monday, June 11, 2012


We've gotten pretty good at filling a summer weekend.  Or perhaps over-filling.  By last night, we were all running on empty, exhausted from the sun, and crashed into bed.

My sister convinced me to take a half day and go to a local park with a nice small lake and sandy beach.  Once Scout learned that sand on your hands is just part of the fun, she had a great time.


She also helped her cousins build a great big sand castle with rock siding.

Scout and I got up early and went to the ski lake with Rykert and Nola.  The trip started rough with Scout accidentally rubbing sunscreen (from the rest of her body) into her eyes during the short drive.  Lesson learned, wash her hands after applying sunscreen and/or wait until we get there.  But she rallied and took a boat ride while Rykert skied and played in the water a bit.  She enjoys the hum of the boat engine and watching as Nola runs along the shore following Rykert as he skis.  She zonked out on the ride home 2 minutes after leaving.

After a nap, we grilled dinner and played owsiiiide.

I'm not a big breakfast person, unless someone else is cooking.  We went to a new location of a popular breakfast place, Lowe's and did all of our gardening by 11.  After a nap, we hit the local pool.  Scout loves the water.  She's not a big fan of being splashed or the splash pad features, but she loves to be in our arms in the deep end watching all the kids.

We ended the weekend with grilling and Dairy Queen.


How was your weekend?

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