Tuesday, June 05, 2012


Scout doesn't have the least bit of interest in tv.  And I'm not complaining.  I know that at some point the annoying sound of children's tv will become the background of our house, but for now she has no attention span for it.  Part of it is a total lack of opportunity.  They don't have tvs at day care and we don't turn the tv on much until after she goes to bed (aside from a rerun of The Daily Show during dinner on occasion.)

But she's incredibly interested in cell phones.  Sometimes I'll turn on You Tube and play her Sesame Street videos.  And this is one of her favorites.  It's also appropriate right now because as soon as we finish dinner, she yells, "Owsiiiide."

I'm going to admit that I actually am not really familiar with the original version of this song.  But it's catchy and is often stuck in my head all.day.long.

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Lynette said...

my grand daughter LOVES this video. she watches it over and over again. i much prefer this version to the original. :D

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