Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Modern Dolly Diaper Bag

Like I said, I feel like Scout overnight started learning how to play.  This was really exciting, and I started going through my Pinterest boards and bookmarked sites looking for things that I could make.

First up was a diaper bag.  I had this diaper bag by V & Co. pinned for a long time.  And when I looked closer at the original post, I discovered that the bag was actually from Michael's.  I decided to find a similar bag to use, because I honestly don't have any expectations that she will play with this right now.  In the future, maybe I'll make her a diaper bag.

When I stopped at Michael's not only did they have it but it was deeply discounted.  It's not the cute color of the original, but it's super modern, right?

Dolly Diaper Bag

After scouring all the local stores for magic doll bottles, I settled on a diaper bag set from Target.  I think it's pretty much the same set as the original post, actually.  The set actually had multiples of everything, so there was enough stuff to fill 2 diaper bags.*

What else goes in a diaper bag?

Diapers.  Of course.  Because these are randomly sized, I used this pattern.  If I make more of these, I think I will draft my own pattern to create a better fit.  But for now, they are perfect.

Dolly Diaper Bag - Dolly Diapers

Wipes. (super easy tutorial coming soon)

Dolly Diaper Bag - Wipes

Blankets.  For Scout this is the star of the show.  I just found random bits of fabric and serged around the edges.

Dolly Diaper Bag - Blankets

Wallet and Keys (and there's an old flip cell phone sans battery that missed the shot)

Dolly Diaper Bag - Wallet and Keys

The wallet is filled with business cards, old gift cards, and fake paper money.  Mostly it's just the zippers and snaps that keep her entertained now.  And those keys, they make the most annoying sounds ever, and the batteries may mysteriously disappear.

Details on the diapers, blankets and wipes coming next...

As I was pulling this together, Rykert asked whether I thought Scout would actually play with this.  My response was no.  Maybe eventually.  And right now, she might be interested in playing with the pieces, but no she clearly won't understand how to play pretend with a diaper bag.

*I'm going to hold on to the extra stuff for now.  If she plays with it, I'll put it into the toy box.  If she doesn't show much interest, the extras may go into another diaper bag set for my work's charity auction next fall.

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Meagan @ The Clanahan Fam said...

Oh that is so cute! And trust me, before you know it, she WILL play with it and totally get it. Quinn doesn't go anywhere without her purse, cell, and keys - just like momma : )

cheyenna said...

How cute! I'm sure Scout will love it. I might just have to find something similar for my little girl.

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