Tuesday, June 12, 2012

It appeared.

Last week I posted about how I was looking for a specific baby stroller.  Well, ask and ye shall receive.

Little Tikes Baby Buggy

It turns out my sister had not one, but two, of these in her shed.  It arrived last week pre-loaded with some well-loved dolls.

And I was right; Scout loves it.  It's sturdier than some of the doll strollers that are out there, and it's the perfect height for her to push.

Scout 060912 04

She was feeling pretty proud as she cruised down the sidewalk, and as happens, it got away from her and she forgot to let go resulting in her first skinned knee and a broken fingernail.  The bleeding fingernail of course freaked me out, because I get woozy at the sight of blood (not to mention my injured baby).  But she was back on the proverbial horse pushing it around a few minutes later.

Scout 060912 05

She's still a little unsteady on her feet, but is getting stronger and more confident at balancing.  For now, we're keeping the buggy on the grass and the carpet.


The dolls are an entirely separate post, and I can try to explain what she's point at in the grainy picture above.

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Crafty Girl said...

I want a stroller like that for Audrey! I will have to look!

Miss Julep said...

Awww! Brilliant photos!!Adorable!!

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