Friday, June 15, 2012


We are living in the land of baby dolls.  If she sees them, then we are playing this game...

They play with baby dolls at day care, and I think she's been learning from some of the older kids how to play with them.  Because until recently we never really played with dolls or stuffed animals at home.  But all of the sudden, she came home and had this game that involved a doll and a blanket.  She'd bring them both to us and wait for us to do something.  The problem was (and still is) that we didn't know what to do.  We'd wrap the babies, but it wouldn't be right and result in a mini-tantrum.  We'd rock the babies, and the same result.  We'd try and try to get it right.  For the most part, she likes the babies to be covered and then she pats them like this.


I think they are taking naps, and I think this is what naptime at day care looks like.  But sometimes, we'll get them swaddled and it will be "right."  This game goes on and on and on, and she gets up and switches positions a lot during the game (sometimes sitting on the dollies), so that is apparently also one of the rules of the game.  She seems to call them "dawwies" but it sorta sounds like "doggies," so I'm not sure.

Apparently imitative/ pretend play is a big milestone at 1.
One-year-olds are only beginning to use their imagination as a tool for play. Their play won't be dramatic (as in creating story lines or with a lot of fantasy), and they won't be able to play with another child in an imaginative way quite yet. In other words, a fifteen-month-old may say to another child his own age, “You be the mommy and I'll be the daddy,” but the two of them will not be able to extend that play out into developing a story line. Instead, they will simply feed the baby, wash the baby, or dress the baby. They may repeat these behaviors over and over again to make sure they get it right. (source)
Sounds about right.  It seems early to me.  I didn't realize that imitative and beginner pretend play started so early, but I'm happy it's here because it's quite funny.  She often points to them and tells us elaborate stories more like directives about what we should be doing.  But for the most part, we do a lot of this.

More hand-me-down babies.

At any rate, dolls have now started traveling with us.  When my sister brought the baby buggy over, she brought a few dolls.  Scout loves them, hugs them, kisses them, and washes their faces with washcloths from the laundry.  Among the dolls that arrived at our house is this tiny little doll with a choking hazard impossibly tiny pacifier.

Choking Hazard
I'm not sure if they make this doll anymore.
It's likely in the toy recall hall of fame, where all the best toys to to live in infamy.

It's difficult enough for Rykert and I to get that pacifier into the doll's mouth so it's pretty much impossible for Scout but it provides hours of frustration fun and fine motor practice.  It is, of course, her favorite.  She looooves baby.

Scout 060912 07

It even went to breakfast with us (and now smells like maple syrup) and was dropped on the wet floor of the Lowe's garden center (and is now dirty).


I'm working on some baby doll projects, and I'm really excited about them.  I don't think there's anyway that Scout will get as much enjoyment from them as I am making them.

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cheyenna said...

So sweet! My 15 month old loves to play with her 'babies' just like this. It's so fun to watch and play with her.

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