Tuesday, June 19, 2012

14 months.

Dear Scout,

First, I know I took last month off on the monthly updates, and I honestly thought that I was done.  It's just one of those things that's hard to stop.  So, I'm not committing to chronicling your milestones forever, but from time to time I'll write you a letter in lieu of keeping the baby book.

Scout 060912 01

It's summertime now, and we're having a ball.  We're making our way through our summer list.  You've been swimming, playing in the sand, and spending your evenings under the shade of our dying ash tree (poor thing) playing with your pink cars, practicing your steps, and watching the neighbors walk their dogs back and forth.

Here's what you are up to:
  • You still have 4 teeth.  Your front, middle teeth on the bottom and your cuspids on the top.  (Family dentists, if you are reading, is that what they are called?)  You look like a little vampire and it's adorable and pretty funny.  But based on the copious amount of drool, I'm guessing there are more teeth on the way.
  • You have opinions.  Lots of them.  And unfortunately, you don't have enough words to make us understand these well-informed preferences.
  • But that doesn't mean you don't talk.  You jabber constantly.  You often say the same jibber-jabber over and over and clearly it has meaning to you, but sadly you just can't make us understand.  Your jabber follows the inflection of adult speech, which makes it very funny to hear.
  • But you have words:  mama (sometimes this means mama, but often it seems to mean "mine"), dada, doggy, dahly (dolly), hi, byebye, owsiiiiide, pupup (puppy), mo (more), nigh-night, cracka, uh-oh, dow (down), ball, and something that sounds like Nola (sometimes).
  • And there are signs: more, please, all done.  You are verbalizing so much that you don't use the signs as much.  You also wave hello and goodbye and nodding yes and no.
  • You play peek-a-boo and cover your own eyes.  You point to your nose (and sometimes your ear or tummy) when prompted.
  • You love to play with your dollies and blankets.  You spread and re-spread the blankets and wrap and unwrap the babies for quite awhile.  You like to put things in and out of containers like dumping all of the Legos and then putting them back in the bucket.  You pretend to talk on the phone.  And you dance a very silly dance.  You love to read books.  Your favorites (as of today) is the touch and feel book about puppies (little plot and poor character development, imho) and Brown Bear, Brown Bear.
Scout 060912 12
  • Your balance improves everyday and you'll stand unsupported for longer and longer.  You'll take a few steps sometimes, but usually you just give up, drop and crawl wherever you want to go.  It's faster. But you like to walk holding one of our hands or pushing your buggy.  You crawl up the stairs like a champ and you are starting to understand that going down means going backwards.
  • Right now, you are a bit of a picky eater.  I shouldn't be surprised by this.  Your current favorites are yogurt, squirty applesauce, blueberries, bananas, cheese of all kinds (the sharper the better), hot dogs, pancakes.  Really healthy stuff!  We also discovered that you like Chinese food.
That's what you are up to these days. You are a funny girl and crack us up.   You are very busy, and rarely have time to sit still.  But when it's time to bed, you are ready to go.  If we are playing downstairs, and I ask, "Are you ready for bath time," you crawl to the stairs and go up.  Sometimes you are so tired you crawl to your crib and want in.  You are still a great sleeper and fall right to sleep.


mamamama (and that doesn't mean "mine")

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