Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Summer Bucket List

It seems like last summer flew by in our crazy world of new baby.  Schools are finishing up around here and the day care is getting busier which got me thinking about all of the things I wanted to do this summer.  Of course, as I started making the list it became a bit ambitious.  The reality is that we both work full-time and opposite schedules which includes some weekends for Rykert.  But a lot of these are easy to check off.
  1. Go to the Zoo.  I'm not sure how much Scout would "get" out of a trip to the zoo.  But I would like to go to a smaller zoo at some point this summer (probably later in the summer).  Probably just the Blank Park Zoo or Niabi Zoo.
  2. Go to the Beach.  Yes, we're landlocked, but we have lots of lakes around here.  And when you're one, sand is sand.  There will likely be trips to the ski lake, but there are other lakes and beaches close by too.
  3. Watch a Parade.  I'm not sure Scout will have the attention span for a parade, but we'll try to attend the 4th of July parade in either my hometown or here.  The thing about the 4th of July parade is that it is exactly the same year over year no matter where you are around here: politicians, fire trucks, farm implements, a few horses.
  4. Go to the Pool.  We have 3 really nice outdoor public pools nearby.  We'll try to go to all of them this summer at some point.  
  5. Visit the Iowa City Splash Pad.  Once Scout's walking, we'll try to visit the Splash Pad on the other side of town.  I've never been there, but it looks like fun for a walker.
  6. Make Homemade Ice Cream.  Because it's good.
  7. Go to the Farmer's Market.  There's pretty much a Farmer's Market every day of the week around here, we should be able to go at least once a week for most of the summer.  In fact, we went last week.
  8. Have a Picnic.  At the risk of sounding like the laziest person ever, I'm not a huge fan of picnics because of all the hauling, setting up, and cleaning up.  Also, I'm not exactly outdoorsy.*  As such, I generally prefer eating my meals free from bugs, sweat, and gusts of wind.  But I'm going to try to expand my horizon and embrace the picnic.
  9. Tie Dye.  We did a grand tie dyeing event a few years ago at my parent's house.  But I've been meaning to give it another go.  Perhaps this summer we'll perfect our techniques.
  10. Drive-In Movie.  There are only a few functioning drive-ins left in Iowa, and none of them are particularly close.  But I'd like to try to go.  Options are the 61 Drive-In in Delmar, Iowa, the Grandview Drive-In (probably the closest), or the Valle Drive-In in Newton.  The other complicating factor is the fact that Scout goes to bed at 7 o'clock.  But if she could sleep in the car?  If that doesn't work, there are free movies on the Pentacrest on campus throughout the summer, but again the movies start way after Scout's bedtime.
  11. Outdoor Concert.  I think there is at least one free outdoor concert every week all summer around here.  I like to go downtown Iowa City on Friday nights in the summer to have dinner, and there's a concert every Friday night.  Plus there's a local art and jazz festival.
  12. Ride the Carousel and Train in City Park.  Iowa City's big park has a couple of rickety carnival rides.  I've never really looked closely at them, but hopefully this summer Scout can take a carousel ride.
  13. Complete a 5K.  Originally, I had hoped to run a 5K, but my attempts at training to run fell apart this winter with the constant germs that plagued our house, walking pneumonia, and an unfortunate lack of motivation.  But my sisters and I have signed up for The Color Run this summer, so hopefully I'll complete a 5K.  I'm hoping to run a 5K this fall at some point.  I am.  I really am.
  14. Children's Museum.  We have a really nice Children's Museum near our house, but Scout has never been.  I wasn't sure if they had things for babies.  This is probably a rainy day activity, or it might just wait until the fall.
  15. Bike Ride.  This is where I admit that my bike has had flat tires for 2 years.  At least.  We have a second hand bike trailer, and I'm sure Rykert will be game to pull Scout.  Or maybe we need a child seat?  Front or back?  Scout definitely needs a helmet.  I'm willing to commit to at least one bike ride this summer (as long as the route is carefully planned so as to minimize the hills).  I swear riding a bike to and from our house is up hill both ways.
  16. Sew and Wear Some Cute Clothes.  I've been sewing dresses for Scout (more to come), but the key is to actually make things that can be worn.  I want to use up the fabric I have on hand in an effort to declutter into something useful and/or pretty.  She may have a lot of elastic waist pajama pants very soon.
  17. Visit Friends.  My college roommate now lives just a few hours from here.  I would really like to find a weekend to go visit her and her girls.
  18. Take a Walk Every Day (as long as it isn't blazing hot or raining, because I'm a fair weather exerciser).  Last week I started a challenge at work and am wearing a pedometer to count my steps.  I then log all of my steps into a website and have a team and all that.  I'm hoping this will keep me motivated to keep taking after dinner walks with Scout.
What's on your summer "bucket" list?

There are some obvious summer time things missing from our list.  Like camping*.  And the 4th of July fireworks (did I mention Scout goes to bed at 7).  And a baseball game (none of us have the attention span for that).  And a water park (maybe by next summer).  We're only a couple of weekends into the warm weather, and Scout's been a grubby mess from playing outside every day.  Her new favorite word is "owside".

There is also a list of things I need to do but have been putting off.  These aren't necessarily summer activities, but I work better when I set arbitrary deadlines for myself.
  1. Finish Scout's Baby Book.   It's really pretty close, but I need to just finish up year 1 and put it away.
  2. Finish Order Photo Books of Year 0 (all those prego posts/ pictures) and Year 1.  It's a work in progress.  I need to get them done so the next coupon code can be used to place the order.
  3. Shadow Scrapboxes.  I am terrible at scrapbooking as is evidenced by the scrapbook from my wedding (7 1/2 years ago) that remains incomplete.  But I really like this Martha idea.  I want to make a couple with Scout's first knit hat and her well-worn saddle shoes.
  4. Keep the garden weeded.  It got out of hand last summer.  I'm pledging to keep it neat this year.
  5. Declutter.  I have a couple of bags of stuff ready to go to Goodwill.  I visited a friend last week, and I couldn't help but wonder, "Where is all their stuff?"  I want to get rid of lots of stuff so the walls don't cave in on us on our way to our very own episode of Hoarders.
*I'm not outdoorsy.  This is why camping is not on the list.  And while this isn't exactly accurate (in that I did enough drinking in college to last a lifetime, so I don't do it much anymore), it's still funny...

or this...

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katie metzroth said...

That all sounds fab! good luck! :)

Knittripps said...

Great list! We have been to a baseball game and to the Farmer's Market. The Des Moines Art Festival and state fair are on my summer bucket list for sure.

Emily said...

Just so you know the rides at City Park are pretty much death traps, and the employees are, well... interesting. However, that didn't stop us from taking the girls there many times.

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