Monday, April 09, 2012


We had a good weekend...

Scout learned more about bubbles.

Scout 040712

We dyed Easter eggs with Kool Aid

Beware the purple Kool Aid.  A black egg results.
Scout got close to the dye, but not too close...


Scout got dressed in her spring best...

Scout Easter 02

A gust of wind blew a patio umbrella into my head in a most surreal scene, and I ended up with an egg of my own.  But it went away quickly and I'm left with a sore spot with a bit of a bruise.  I'm just happy it didn't hit Scout.  It was very odd.  We are home now and getting ready for the next 2 weekends that will be full of birthday fun for my nieces, sister, and then Scout.

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~RaenWa~ said...

Glad you all had a Happy Easter except for the umbrella incident. Hope the bruise fades soon.

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