Wednesday, April 11, 2012

A Sweater: Then and Now

Back when I was gestating and Scout wasn't Scout, but was still Whatshername, I knit a little sweater.  I loved knitting this sweater.  It was intensely satisfying to knit away on this during that January.

Lucille Sweater - 01

It wasn't perfect and I wasn't 100% satisfied with the buttons, but nonetheless I put it on display on the corner shelf of her room.  And that's where it's been up until a couple of weeks ago.

Baby Room After 02 031911
This room no longer looks this empty or tidy.
As I knit away on this impossibly tiny sweater, I thought she would wear it when she came home from the hospital.  But my gauge was off a bit and I underestimated the smallness of a newborn.  A few weeks ago, I finally tried it on her, because I worried I had missed the window.  To my surprise it fit pretty well.   And it's a good thing too, because it was a bit chilly on Easter morning.

Scout Easter Sweater 02

This may very well my favorite thing I've ever knit.  Ever. I want to knit it again, or at least knit something similar in construction and weight in a larger size.  Maybe I'll knit again, after all.  I was beginning to wonder.

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Jennifer said...

Awww. She's growing so fast. Love the sweater!

goblinbox said...

That little sweater is so adorable!

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