Saturday, April 28, 2012

Rainbow Party: The Invitations

Once I decided on a rainbow theme for Scout's party, after careful consideration, I set to work on her invitations.  I looked around Etsy and other sites, but didn't see quite what I wanted.  I wanted them to be rainbow but also include her monthly pictures.  I decided to make them myself using my very very rudimentary Photoshop skills.

Scout's First Birthday Invitation
Addresses and phone numbers removed because I'm getting more paranoid in my old age.
Once I finished them, I emailed them to a local print shop.  They printed them and let me know when they were available at the store closest to my house.  A seamless process that didn't even involve a phone call.  I bought square envelopes from Paper Source in bright colors.

They actually turned out pretty well, and I was happy with them.  There were, of course, things I would do differently if I did it again, but not bad for an amateur.

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