Friday, April 13, 2012

Photo editing

I take a lot of pictures.  I post some of the best here, and even more on Flickr.  Pretty much since I started blogging, I've hosted my pictures on Flickr.  I think it's important to host photos on a third party platform and not use the Blogger photo uploading tool.  Mostly this is because if you decide you want to keep blogging and some day you pick your blog up and self-host or host elsewhere, you don't want your years of pictures to disappear because they're hosted on Blogger.

Anyway, I sometimes do very light editing of photos in Photoshop.  I'm a novice, but know how to do a couple of really basic things.  Often, I'd also use Flickr's photo editing tool, Picnik, because it was really really easy to use directly from Flickr and most of the features were free.  But then I found out that Google had acquired Picnik and was shutting it down and moving some of the tools to Google+.  I don't get Google+.  I've tried.  I really have, but I just don't see the point.  And I don't want to upload photos to both Flickr and Google+.

But then last weekend, I noticed that Flickr had a new photoediting option, Aviary.  I gave it a try, and you've seen the results this week on the blog.  It's pretty easy to use, though not as robust as Picnik.  I tried it out:

Scout Easter 02

With Aviary Editing Effects and Boost to the Saturation
Scout Easter 02
I may have gone too far with this.

Scout Easter Sweater 02

With Aviary Editing Effects
Scout Easter Sweater 02
One of my favorites.  Ever.


Scout 040712
I think it saved this one.
It's nothing like what skilled Photoshop folks can do, but I think the results are pretty nice.  I don't like over-edited photos that look surreal or unnatural.  So I can definitely see using the tool for basic photo edits to brightness, contrast, and saturation.  And the built in effects are nice too.

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Jennifer said...

Love 'em all. Avery is adorable no matter how you edit her.

jean wilson said...

have you heard about
It has most of the same features that Picnik had.

Libby said...

I've played around a little with PicMonkey and I really like it. I wish it was accessible directly from Flickr so I don't have to upload my photos twice.

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