Monday, April 02, 2012

Is this thing on?

Wow.  I didn't intend to be gone this long.  First, we spent an extended weekend in Louisiana.  I had every intention of loading up some posts to go while we were gone, but I under estimated how much time I'd need to pack up all of Scout's stuff.  Then we got home, and I under estimated how long it would take to get back into our routine.    The problem with taking a blog break is that it's hard to know where to start.
  • We had a great trip south.  Scout batted .500 for air travel.  A strike out (fussy, wiggling) on one leg and a home run (peaceful sleeping) on the other in each direction.  And despite an eruption all over Rykert at 30,000 feet (and the lingering aroma of baby puke), she did ok.
  • The fact that we've never imposed any kind of schedule on Scout worked to our advantage.  Missed naps were no big deal.  She went from person to person with a smile, and adapted beautifully to the change in scenery.
032312 Scout in the windows 01
  • Her sunglasses proved to be an important tool for on-the-go napping.  She would drift off as soon as we put them on her.  In a stroller in the busy French Quarter.  On a boat.  We only wished they weren't in the checked bags during our flight.
032312 Scout in the French Quarter
  • Scout and I played Swamp People.  Rykert rolled his eyes.  We did not see one single alligator.  But I know they are there.
  • When we got back, Scout began transitioning to the one year old room at day care.  There are so many reasons that this makes me sad.  I'm sad to leave her care takers in the baby room behind (she loves them), and I'm sad that, despite my constant pleas to "Stay Little! Please," she continues to grow. 
Scout 033112 02
She's so silly.  And she's always scratching her nose in the exact same spot.
  • Since we've been back, we've spent lots of time outside.  Scout loves to be outside.  We spent part of Saturday in the garden getting the beds ready.  Scout discovered the taste of dirt and the joy of getting completely filthy.  She likes dirt and rocks, but she's still learning about grass.
  • Scout inherited a wagon from her cousins.  She approved.
  • I'm busy planning her first birthday party.  While she took a marathon nap on Saturday (did I mention that she likes to sleep A LOT on the weekends), I did a trial run of her cake.  A sneak peek.

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