Friday, March 02, 2012

On blogging...

Note: This post is heavy on the mechanics of blogging.

I'm home sick.  I've had a ridiculous cough for the past few weeks.  The first week was really bad, but I was pretty sure it was just a chest cold.  I didn't even miss a day of work.  But yesterday, I dropped Scout off at day care and then, on a whim, stopped by the walk-in clinic.  Apparently, I have atypical ("walking") pneumonia.  She thought there was a really good chance that I also had strep, but since we are treating the pneumonia, she didn't even test.  I'm really bad at being sick.  Really bad.  I'm not supposed to be working, but I'm checking email and doing lots of web surfing.

I've said it before, and I'll say it again, I'm a big fan of Pinterest.  While it can be overwhelming and a little annoying at times, I actually find it to be a really great gateway to all the cool stuff on the interwebs: crafts, recipes, products, tutorials, etc.  But then there was an online brouhaha, and I looked a little deeper at Pinterest's policies.  And then I took a look at what, if any, content from this blog had been "pinned."  I was sort of surprised.

Some time back, I pinned some of my non-personal blog content (i.e., photos that did not include our faces) to see if it drew any web traffic.  And it did.  When I dug deeper I discovered that others had pinned pictures of Scout.  All with the best of intentions, no doubt.  I was faced, again, with a lingering question about how much of our life I wanted to share and make public.

Copyright issues aside (which caused the original uproar), I began to think about my options when it comes to what I share on this blog and how best to protect some of our life:
  1. Quit blogging about and posting pictures of my family.
    • I've been blogging for nearly 8 years.  As my life has evolved so has the content.  I'm just not sure there would be much left to blog about if I went this route.
    • I don't want to edit content.  If I have something to say on this blog, I want to say it.  Otherwise, what's the point of even having a blog.
  2. Make the blog private or password protected (including changing permissions on Flickr content).
    • Ugh.  I really don't want to go this route.  It would be a pain for my family who keeps up with some of our happenings via the blog.
    • Again, I think the question, without getting all philosophical, is why am I blogging.  I like the interactive aspect of a blog, and you lose that when it goes private.
    • The other side of the coin is that I would feel more relaxed about posting even more pictures of our family.
  3. Blocking all photos on the blog from being "pinned" on Pinterest.
    • Pinterest, in response to the aforementioned uproar, released a bit of code that can be embedded in a blog to prevent users from "pinning" content.  It's an all-or-nothing approach.
    • This really great blog post provides specific details about how to embed that code into your blog, if you are interested.  I need this type of tutorial, because my html skills are limited to incorporating a picture and a link, which are sorta the same thing.  (Thank you Making a Mark)
    • Ideally, I'd like to have the option to disable "pinning" on some photos (Scout) and allow "pinning" on others (finished knitting, for example). I think that this may be coming, but at this point, I don't think it's available either through Pinterest or Blogger.  I want the best of both worlds.  I want to blog about my family, but I also want to use Pinterest to draw web traffic on appropriate content.
    • Pinterest, to their credit, also has a process for reporting content that infringes on your copyright.  But it's in all likelihood a long and drawn out ordeal.
  4. Disabling "right-click" option on all photos.
    • I've been meaning to do this for a looooong time.  Basically, you disable the right-click functionality so people can't save or copy the image from your blog.  And now it's done.  Just try to right click on a picture anywhere on this blog.  I dare you.
    • If you use blogger, there's super simple instructions here.  Easy peasy.
If you peruse artsy fartsy or crafty blogs or message boards, you'll find a whole lot of chatter about copyright and intellectual property.  And unfortunately, a great deal of the chatter is ill-informed rubbish.  This is actually something that I know something about, unlike say criminal defense or medical malpractice, but I'm quite reluctant (for a host of reasons) to say much of anything about it.  So instead, I read the chitter chatter and want to pull my hair out.

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Knittripps said...

I did follow your trick about disabling "right-click". That seems pretty smart. I was just talking to someone the other day about the Pinterest issue. I am always debating what to share versus what to keep private myself.

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